Web Hosting

Fluid Creativity has invested heavily to provide our clients with a highly reliable web hosting platform.

Hosting - Cloud

The platform consists of two ‘layers’: database – which handles data storage – and front-end servers, which handles file storage.

Taking this split approach means that we can optimise our hosting service to the specific requirements of our clients.

Data Storage

The database layer consists of multiple virtual servers linked together.

All data changes made to one server are replicated across all other servers in the platform, with no single point of failure, limiting any downtime.


Hosting - Database Changes


Hosting - Complete Flexibility

This provides us complete flexibility to deal with our clients’ site demands.

Front End Servers

We can scale the level of service we provide according to the traffic and data you receive. This means you only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.

Hosting - Scalable Resources

Sites can be hosted in both in a shared and dedicated environment.

Hosting - Frontend No Single Failure



No single point of failure.




All Magento sites use a Redis cache to boost site performance.


Security & Firewall

High-level security procedures in place to protect our clients.

Hosting - Security

High Availability/Load Balancing

We can split your traffic across multiple servers and use a load balancer to ensure your website runs to its full potential.

Hosting - High Availability

This solution is ideal for mission critical and e-commerce websites with high volumes of traffic.

To learn more about hosting options, and for a quote, give us a call on 0161 368 9814 or contact us online.