If you’re looking for a website that’s powerful enough to manage large amounts of data and present it in a user-friendly way, Joomla is the platform for you.


 It’s an open-source platform that offers extensive customisation options, meaning that a brilliant website can be built for a reasonable cost.

Our Joomla web design services are the perfect option if you’re planning a community-based website, intranet or a social networking platform.

  • Intuitive user management:

    Create and edit users, assign admin roles and manage permissions with one simple interface. The platform supports a range of protocols including OpenID and Gmail, allowing users to use existing account details to register on your site.

  • Clever content management:

    The CMS allows you to organise site content into three tiers, while an easy-to-master text editor allows you to present your content in an attractive manner, even if you’re a novice.

    With features such as top rated article feeds and built-in email and social sharing functions, it is one of the most powerful content hosting platforms available.

  • Simplified website management:

    The menu manager, banner manager and template management tools allow you to organise and customise the content of your site. If you want to change the order of a menu or a template, the backend interface makes this easy.

  • Customer friendly features:

    Provides support for a wide range of languages, while the contact manager allows users to find relevant contacts and get in touch with them easily. A powerful search function adds to the overall user experience.

  • Safe and secure:

    The platform is constantly updated and supported by an active developer community. Keeping your version up-to-date is vital for site security, with new features released in new versions. We can provide this support post-build; call us to find out more.

The functionality goes far beyond its core features, with a vast extensions library allowing us to provide different functionality specifically chosen for your business. With security, admin, content sharing and site management extensions available, the possibilities are endless.

From unifying a large product range and presenting it in an easily-digestible manner for Whitecroft Lighting to creating a recruitment portal for Searchability, we’ve used Joomla to create a range of diverse and successful websites.

For more information on how to transform your online presence, contact us today.