Magento Enterprise Edition

What is Magento Enterprise Edition?

Where Magento Community Edition is a great starting place for newcomers to ecommerce, Enterprise Edition is its more serious older brother. Before going into any more detail about Enterprise Edition, we should firstly identify the key aspects that set it apart from Community Edition. By understanding the differences between the two, you’ll be able to gauge which is the best option for your business.

Key concept: Magento Enterprise gives you the same as Community Edition and more.

While the two editions are largely similar, there are some features specific to the Enterprise Edition. These are:

  • EE is fully supported by the Magento Inc team. Magento is obliged to fix any issues relating to their code or the platform itself
  • An established SLA (Service Level Agreements) to ensure uptime and performance
  • Full page caching for improved page load time
  • SOLR based search for faster, more accurate product search results
  • It can be fully customised with the assistance of the Magento team
  • A yearly license fee
  • Credit card tokenisation with PA-DSS bridge for secure transactions
  • Better customer segmentation

When choosing between Community and Enterprise Editions, it is important to remember that your choice should be based on the needs of your business. While taking the more expensive route may give you more confidence in the platform you are investing in, it may not be the best option for you commercially. It is important to identify your present needs and future plans so that the right platform can be selected from the outset.

Key concept: Getting the most out of your platform

While the better page load time, performance and easy administration of Enterprise Edition is highly beneficial, it is also important to consider what “bolt-ons” can already be used in Community Edition. This way you will see if your store’s requirements can be satisfied without the need for Enterprise. However, once it’s clear that your needs can’t be fulfilled by Community Edition, then you should start to consider using Enterprise Edition.