What's your Royal Wedding name?

In case you missed it(!), Prince William and Catherine Middleton (Stop it, her name is Kate. Ed.) get married tomorrow and while I’m sure we’d all love to be there the guest list is obviously very exclusive. After all, only 1,900 invites were sent out for the ceremony itself at Westminster Abbey…

Amongst the Royals, dignitaries, politicians, celebrities and family members we feel we’d fit right in – if only we had the right NAME. That’s why we’ve borrowed this formula from Twitter for creating our very own Royal Wedding names:

Lord/Lady [first name of grandparent]-[name of first pet] of [name of road you grew up on]

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the Fluid Creativity wedding party:

  • Lord Jane Snowy of Hillary AKA Lee Turner, our respected MD
  • Lady Jane Worthington of Spring Gardens AKA Sarah Ozdemir, our honourable office manager
  • Lord James Gail of Flodden AKA Graham Nimbley, part of our regal web development team
  • Lady Hannah Bugsy of North AKA Nicola Thomas, part of our esteemed graphic design team
  • Lord Jim Harry of Lingfield AKA James Chapman, part of our august search engine optimisation team
  • Lady Beryl Sooty of Beech AKA Rachel Armstrong, our queenly office assistant
  • Lord Alfred Blackie of Park AKA Ben Greenwood (ME!) of our majestic SEO team
  • Lady Gladys George of Renfrew AKA Julie Abbott, our highborn business development manager
  • Lord Parbhubhai Polo of The Fairway AKA Mithul Mistry, the final member of our resplendent search marketing team
  • Lord Derek Dexter of Gainsborough AKA Martin Downton, another of our eminent web developers
  • Lord Derek Muffin of Mora AKA Scott Green, our kingly motion graphics expert
  • Lord Reginald Prunella of Shelley AKA Martin Proffitt, yet another of our aristocratic web development team

We’re angling for a (very) late invite right now. In the meantime, what’s YOUR Royal Wedding name? Let us know in the comments…

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