What can we learn from Facebook’s brand ratings? Chocolate more liked than chicken…

Remember when there was that Facebook rumour that people would be able to get their mitts on an app that would reveal who had been viewing their page and how often? What can only be described as widespread panic gripped social networkers, ex partners who couldn’t let go were running for the hills, inappropriate crushes threatened to be revealed and being rather too ‘click happy’ over busty Barbara’s holiday snaps had many a man (and woman) waking up screaming ‘sexual harassment trial’ in the night.

Luckily that all proved to be baloney (or did it? *cue ominous music*)

That’s not to say we can’t use Facebook insights for something all together more beneficial (and less sinister) such as the ground breaking revelation that ASDA’s Christmas turkey giveaway is a storming success (with all the trimmings thank you very much). Yes, it appears the king of ‘Like it even if you only vaguely like it’ can actually teach us something about what works in social media marketing and more specifically, how to effectively engage with your audience.

If Socialbakers November 2012 Media Report has taught us anything it’s that social networking appears to have given way to brand networking, a new kind of advertising that promises you a Golden Goose… in exchange for your first born (actual exchange may be a ‘Like’).

Social Bakers Facebook Report

Screenshot taken from SocialBakers

Yes, it certainly isn’t rocket science, but it sure is working. If awesomebinbags.com (not actual company) put up a competition to win two weeks in Barbados, the ratings would no doubt go through the roof. This helped us understand why Socialbakers found that the number two position in their top five Facebook brands by post engagement rate was Appliances Online. Appliances Online, really? Not that people don’t appreciate a good fridge or anything, it just seemed an odd one.

But then we saw the competitions they had on the go and it was a whole different ball game, win THREE Samsung Smart appliances? Like, like, like…

Taking the top spot in the five most popular brands by post engagement rate was laterooms.com. Well it’s Britain, it’s cold, some things just sell themselves.

Of course, engaging with your audience is crucial, tempting them with a shiny image and accompanying competition that will have them salivating is all well and good, but company response rates can also help a company reach the lofty heights of Facebook popularity. Taking the number one spot for the top five socially devoted Facebook brands was Virgin Media with the lesser four consisting of retail giants Argos, Next, Boots and Boohoo. Looks like in this case the customer IS always right.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the headline, in the top 10 Facebook brands by number of fans, Cadbury’s Crème Egg triumphs at number two while Nando’s just squeezes in at number nine. Based on the Socialbakers data I can only conclude that Cadburys held a competition to win a house made of Buttons and Curly Wurlys, while all Nandos are offering is bottomless Fanta…

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