Website Traffic – Where are your visitors coming from?

Since the inception of personalised search and Google giving much more importance to the user behavior of a website, it has become more important to know how your visitors are interacting with your site, knowing about things like Unique Visits, Returning Visits, Bounce Rate, Time Spent on the site etc can all help you to determine how your website will rank in the Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

Although it is possible to get a basic report of a website’s visitors and referring sources from the website’s server logs, use of advanced website analytics is becoming more and more essential in order to understand what users are doing once they land on your site. Some commonly used website analytic systems are:

  • Google Analytics
  • AW Stats
  • StatCounter
  • Site Meter

These analytic systems are easy to install and provide a comprehensive report about the visitor behavior on a site, giving detailed information on the following areas:

  • Direct Visits – This defines the number of visitors coming to the site by directly typing the URL in the browser.
  • Search Engine Referrals – This indicates the number of people reaching your site through the search engines. Data is usually available for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN (live) and ASK. This report is usually accompanied by the keywords against which the site showed up in the respective search engines.
  • Referring sites – These indicate visits to the sites from other websites. Users may reach a site through website links, affiliate links, articles, web-newsletters etc.
  • Bounce Rate – A bounce rate is defined as the number of people abandoning or “bouncing off” a page within a specified time limit. The time limit is set up by the analytic software and hence varies for each analytics (A bounce rate within 20 – 30% is considered average but anything above 40% is a matter of concern).

All of this information, and more, is valuable information that indicates a websites overall success in interacting with their end users (visitors) and can be used to improve a website’s usability and the overall internet marketing campaign of the site. By analysing this information you can get an insight into what users like and dislike about your site, helping you to improve the sales figures once people have found your website.

Fluid Creativity can help you analyse your website’s visitors, looking for patterns and problems in the statistics to help you improve your website’s performance. Get in touch today to discuss search engine marketing options.

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