We Test Infogr.am And Look At Premier League Social Media Performance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infogr.amInfographics have become ever more popular (not to mention annoying much of the time) in the last couple of years. At first the were a fun and beautiful way of displaying new data. Then they become the go-to link building technique for millions of SEOs and suddenly all the value went out of them.

What we ended up with were a lot of useless and largely uninformative infographics created for the sole purpose of generating backlinks. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still an extremely good way of presenting data in an easily digestible format.

Enter infogr.am.

Infogr.am allows you to create interesting infographics using some basic templates, spreadsheet data and some carefully chosen words. I decided to take it for a test drive to see whether or not it does what it says it does – and if it’ll lead to a whole new slew of pointless infographics.

The subject I chose was Premier League Social Media Performance – how well do the 2012/13 Premier League teams do at social media. Infogr.am is pretty basic at the moment, so I really only looked at Facebook likes of their pages and the number of Twitter followers the had.

Putting the data together was more time consuming than using Infogr.am so that tells you a lot. It really is simple to use. You choose your template, layout your infographic using title, quote and body text, graphs (bar, line etc), images and even video, then you input and edit your data by double clicking the graphs, amend the colour scheme and you are pretty much ready to publish.

There are some bugs, unfortunately. It really is best to get the layout set before you enter your text and data. Once you start trying to move elements around by drag-and-drop, Infogr.am can be a little difficult and it doesn’t always save the way you want it to. Still, with a little perseverance and trial and error you can get some very good results. Here’s the infographic I created.

It looks ok, though I wish I had more control over the design elements. It’s also pretty interesting. The most interesting fact I dug out was that while Manchester United dominate on Facebook they have almost no interest in Twitter.

With 27 million likes, you’d expect them to do equally well on Twitter. Not so. I couldn’t find a verified account for them – the only Premier League club not to have one – and the most official looking one I could find had only 34,000 followers!

Back to Infogr.am. It’s a fledgling tool and should it grow up to become as powerful as it could be you’re looking at something every SEO and content marketer should have in their armoury.

Just promise me you won’t use it to generate crap in the hope of getting some backlinks and that you’ll stick to creating really great infographics which benefit us all. Like this one.

Have you tried Infogr.am? What do you make of it?

UPDATE: Thanks to Tim Capper on Google+, I’ve been made aware of Piktochart which, on first inspection, looks like a far more advanced infographic creator. It has free and PRO versions too. It’s definitely worth a look and I’ll do a review in the near future.

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