WARNING: Shady SEO Sales Operate In This Area…

Search Engine Optimisation has become an increasingly important part of many businesses’ marketing mix, but many business owners have been put off thanks to poor service or aggressive cold calls. Watch our handy video guide and learn to tell the difference between a seller of SEO snake oil, and someone who can actually help improve your business online!

At Fluid we try to be different by being transparent in our work and methods, setting realistic goals and expectations. We don’t sell SEO as an instant business-making silver bullet, but as an important and sustainable part of your overall marketing mix.

Have you been subjected to aggressive SEO sales pitches, or tempted by promises of quick search engine rankings that seemed too good to be true? Tell us your stories, and perhaps we’ll uncover some more common tricks of the Shady SEO Salesman.

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  • http://www.seo-creative.co.uk/ Sadie

    This is a great video can think of plenty of SEO companies who speil these promises! Unfortunately people believe this and expect all companies to do the same or thin if you tell the truth about what to expect then you are not as good as people who guarantee 1st page google listings in the first month!
    I know of a company that get their staff to write their own good reviews to make them look better and threatened legal action to have the bad reviews removed, knowing that a comment on a review forum wasn't worth goign to court. This company now has an excellent review score but watch out for the amount of industry jargon in the reviews like this company has exellent expecation management or repeats messages in the companies sales pitches!

    • Robert

      At 2min 50 you say Good SEO is about improving your sales – this is incorrect legally and ethically. Good SEO is about improving rankings and optimising for search engines. Legally, an SEO is not liable for any sales or losses as a result of SEO performance. All good reputable SEOs have this covered in their contract documents. The sales process is an additional service covered by an alternative contract such as in PPC or conversion optimisation campaigns.

      • http://www.seo-creative.co.uk Jo

        It depends on how it is taken many SEO companies will pick SEO keywords for you to do well that are easy and won't get you much traffic let a lone sales, with budgets getting tighter a lot of the more reputable companies are including conversion optimisation as well as SEO it is better for the client and when they see a return it will be better for the company as the client can afford to renew or re invest.
        I agree you cannot be held liable for a clients sales other factors need to be considered like competitive pricing etc but SEO companies that ignore the fact that the end of the day the website needs to make money may end up with some issues with the client and lose out to companies that work towards ROI or other KPI's than an improved web ranker report

  • dave_micro_projectors

    Nice video….too many letters drop through the post selling like this, and cold calls :/

  • http://www.pleer.co.uk pleer

    the odd stories that some SEO's play is that they “guarantee” results. how? if so, they must have psychic abilities!

    it is because of these people that the SEO industry is given a bad name – well at least not put us in the light we deserve.

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