Want to be an expert Tweeter?

Writing a Tweet seems simple, just pop open the ‘Compose new Tweet’ and fire away your thoughts, well, unless you don’t want any interaction then yeah go ahead and blurt out everything you’re thinking. But, if you do want to get noticed, get people involved and start a topic of conversation then there are a few main things that you should know.

Getting Involved

Whether it’s a company or personal account, keeping in-the-know with topics of conversation around the world will allow you to get noticed and for me it’s purely interest in the news and being a part of something (it’s getting deep now). Its not hard to get involved, I check the ‘Discover’ button every day to see if I can contribute to anything, although don’t turn into one of those people who pesters everyone on twitter, just spread a piece of your knowledge every now and again.

It’s College not Collage

So, I may be getting petty, but it’s ridiculously frustrating when people can’t spell/use the correct word, even in the simplest of Tweets. You may think it is a small thing to worry about but Twitter is huge and you’re going to get criticised off of someone out there. Also, it’s really not hard to check your Tweet before you send it, it’s only 140 characters long at the max you lazy buggers!

Your Twitter Voice

Make your Tweet seem like you’re having a conversation, make it quirky and fun in order to gain reaction. Avoid using a corporate way of telling it how it is, especially as a business you want to reach out to your audience, so connect with them in a friendly tone.

Want to write a Tweet?

Use questions and debatable topics to gain a reaction from your audience, but make it fun, serious topics may get a little too controversial and we don’t want that. Your audience won’t be able to resist applying their knowledge to answer you.

Always Reply

If you’re going to start a Tweet you have to be prepared for whatever gets thrown at you, don’t just ignore your audience, engage with them. Throw a spanner in the works and have fun watching them figure out your reply.

Links, Videos and Images

The most Retweeted content usually involves some sort of media or link, I know that every time I see a link on a Tweet I have to click on it just to be involved in whatever’s going on. I am always caught Retweeting links to news articles or humorous videos that have been shared, these types of Tweets usually spark up conversation too.

Timing it right

Depending on what type of business you are there’s certain times you could Tweet. For example, if you’re a restaurant, Tweeting about the special offers you have at dinner time can secure you Retweets and customers.


The use of exclamation marks on twitter is just ridiculous… okay admittedly I also overuse the exclamation mark, but the truth is, not everything can be exciting all of the time can it? Near enough every Tweet seems to end with an exclamation mark and it’s just one of those little nitty gritty things that gets on everyone’s nerves.

Me, Me, Me

No one likes a blabber mouth; that person that goes on about themselves all of the time and writes 189789478937 Tweets (only slightly exaggerated), ‘I’m going out for tea tonight’, ‘going getting my nails done’, ‘its funny how I always dye my hair’ etc. You’ll end up sounding un-interesting and no one will want to interact with you or even follow you, again go back to looking at topics/news around the world and share humorous content.

Twitter should be enjoyable and by following these points it will be, I love gaining interest and engaging with people on twitter which is why it’s called “social media”. The one thing that stops people from following you is, in the nicest of ways, is because you’re annoying. Writing the same thing and gaining no feedback is a sign that you aren’t expressing how interesting you are, I don’t want to know what you had for tea or what colour your nails are, I want to know you as a person and your interests (I told you we were getting deep).

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