An Introduction to Video Production & Motion Graphics

We all love watching videos, whether it’s online, on TV or on our mobile. they engage us, make us laugh, give us useful information, show us things that we would never have known about or seen had it not been for someone sharing it with us.

It’s much quicker to watch a short video than spend time reading paragraphs of text, and when people have to read something the message can be misunderstood or not properly translated as the writer had originally intended – video is much more effective at this!

When it comes to video, you can help your audience to visualise what you want them to know, you can use people that they can relate to, situations that they are familiar with, products that they recognise, and if you can do this effectively with a good call-to-action, there’s no reason why people won’t talk about it, share it, and visit you to find out more or buy your products, and that’s what we’re good at.

The pre-production of a video is a really important stage of the whole video production process. It doesn’t matter how fancy the video looks or what fancy effects you’ve used, if it’s not properly thought out, researched, planned, thought out again, structured logically, scripted, thought out again, rewritten, tested, re-thought, storyboarded, re-thought again, and tested before it’s approved, the chances are it probably won’t work. See 5 tips for making a great promo video to see what we mean!

We take a lot of care and attention in this part of the video creation process, it really is that important! Whether you want the viewer to contact you for more info, go to your website to buy your product, or even if just to follow you on Twitter, if the viewer doesn’t want to sit through the first few seconds of your video before reaching the all important call-to-action at the end it’s just a waste of our time and your money.

Just look at what we did in this video for Ronhill/Hilly who are specialists in high performance and protective running gear.

Ronhill/Hilly were looking for something a little different for their promo video, which was going to be designed to be displayed at an exhibition. They were keen to show some of the history behind the brand and the changes it and the products have been through to get to where they are today.

After some careful thought we decided not to go along the lines of the 2D animation as we did with some of our NHS timeline videos but instead we’d try something three dimensional. We pitched the idea to Ronhill and they loved it.

So, in Cinema 4D, we modelled a 3D path that spanned over hills into the distance that the viewer would run along, taking them on a journey through the years of the brand with posts indicating the year which viewers stop at to display key moments in the brands history, new products and videos of Ron Hill himself.

The call to action reveals their then new Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection and directs the viewer to the relevant websites and Twitter. The final product was very well received by both Ronhill and their target audience and is one that we at Fluid are proud to have in our portfolio.

Look at this very simple video from Plainly Simple Studios. It explains what I’m saying in a clever animated video:

After you’ve got your brilliant idea thought out, planned and storyboarded in pre-production it’s time for production. Now, this can be produced in various digital media. It could be a live action filmed production, a videographic product shoot, green screen filming or even a character animation that’s narrated with a voiceover.

Either way, we take just as much pride in our image capture and creation work as with any of our projects and have a lot of experience in the field of creative multimedia. Just look at these videos we’ve created using what we have – creativity!

Whether it’s an information based video…

A promo video showing the uses for a particular product…

Music videos and special effects…

Live action filming for promo videos…

Video idents and title sequence design…

Or simply a showreel of your work…

We’ve got everything you need to make you a fantastic video!

You’ll also notice we’re pretty darn good in the post-production department too, we love making motion graphics and visual effects that will help to add some impact and interest to whatever your video project may be, whether it’s a promo video to promote your products or services, a music video or a showreel, we’re here to help you get the exposure that you deserve that you’ve work so hard for.

Get in touch with us by email, Twitter or Facebook or see more of our videos on Vimeo.

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