Trick or Treat! Join us on Twitter…

Trick or Treat
As you will have no doubt noticed from the wonderfully spooky design which currently graces our homepage, we’re getting into the halloween spirit. With that in mind we’ve decided to play a little game of Trick or Treat with you on our blog and Twitter this morning….

We’ve got a bag full of presents both nice and nasty to give away and every 15 mins or so we’ll be picking out followers to dish them out to. To be in with a chance of winning a trick or treat simply send us the following Tweet

Send @FluidCreativity a Tweet this morning & tag it with #TrickOrTreat to join in a little game!

If you want to add a little message to grab our attention then please do.  We’ll be posting up all the tricks and treats right here on the blog!  Oh and you might want your address handy so we know where to send all this rubbish…

We weren’t phased by @PeterHough‘s smelly feet….for his insolence he’ll be getting this musical treat to listen to whilst he washes his socks…

We like rapping and dislike chavs so it’s almost as if @keveh was reading our minds!  A bag of Haribo will be winging it’s way to you…

We’re  not entirely sure whether @RhysWhynne will consider this a trick or a treat….to be honest we don’t know either.  Whatever…enjoy your copy of the cinematic classic “Good Burger” on VHS!

Who doesn’t love Bombay mix? We sure hope @Matt_Davies likes it because he’s getting a bag of the stuff.

And for her encouragement in stitching @Matt_Davies up, @Justhipper has earnt herself some lovely choccy buttons, enjoy!

We’re punishing @SarahCheal for her tardiness…if we can be bothered to get up early so can you.  Because of your laziness we have decided to fire an innocent teddy bear into the sun…lucky we have a rocket in our car park, eh?

Lucky @KieronHughes is sure to be the talk of the town in this fetching devil cape…

For his reasonably interesting fact, @NedPoulter gets a yummy bag of monster munch.  Pickled onion flavour, obviously.

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