The Wonders of Instagram

I’ve recently been having a gander at Instagram to see how agencies use the social platform and what sort of approach they take when taking photos, and I have mixed feelings. Whether it’s office parties, events or the pet dog, no one seems to stick to a plan.

But do they need to?

Don’t get me wrong maybe users are into always seeing Dave the office assistant’s bruised knee or what Claire the accountant has for lunch but I also want to see what talented work is produced and how it’s done (as well as the office hamster so I can endlessly be in awe).

Some agencies don’t like the idea of Instagram as it’s another platform to work from but for me I feel like it’s an important one, especially from a marketing point of view and ease of sharing to other platforms.

The social media platform offers so much for digital agencies:

Gets our creative brains ticking

Instagram allows us to keep our creative juices flowing. Playing with different filters is why I love Instagram, you can turn the mouldy green apple into a pretty (yet still mouldy) green apple. It also inspires me for all sorts of creative work and infographics can be shared easily too.

Campaign/Competition Generator

Nike do a great job of this; they hold a campaign where Instagram users or IGers (if we’re being socially correct) take photos of their Nike trainers and tag Nike for it to be reposted, this was in order for Nike to pass their 1 millionth follower!

Share share share

It’s so simple to quickly take a photo and send it out to all other platforms, it’s also always best to provide a different caption for each platform just to mix it up a bit.

Apps are friendly

There are so many apps out there to add to Instagram’s editing service, like the collage app. By combining editing apps with Instagram it makes your profile individual and stand out, although use your noggin’ and don’t go overboard thinking you’re a top of the range photographer…unless you are of course.

Step away from the computer

Take a back seat from that desktop and whack out your handheld device. Instagram has better accessibility on a mobile and makes a change from other social media platforms which are easier to use on a computer. On a mobile you just simply scroll through the photographs as soon as you click on the app, no fiddly bits, although if you prefer you can now go online and browse through the platform.

I didn’t want to create the current trending blog about how Instagram has stolen Vine’s thunder as to be honest I say well done to Instagram for thinking of it, and it seems to be taking off well from what I can see. It’s a great opportunity for creatives to show clients the process of how their work is produced and allows anyone to gain an insight into what’s going on behind the work.

I say that agencies should start using Instagram and if they do, use it more! Show off your creativity as it’s what clients are interested in. As well as the fun and creative factor it also inspires me in the work place and gets me thinking. And just so you know Starbucks is my kind Instagram profile for its soft and sweet images, plus the fact coffee is and always will be the best beverage.

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