The Top Christmas Adverts

Every year we wait for the John Lewis advert and think ‘there’s just no way they can top last years’ and yet they do. Usually John Lewis top the Christmas advert competition (and make us all weep in the process) but this year I think there’s a bit of rivalry.

John Lewis – The Bear And The Hare

So, we have to start with John Lewis now. Although it seems to constantly be on our TV screens and the Keane song covered by Lilly Allen is overplayed on the Radio, I still feel all warm inside by its presence. I’m quite a festive person anyway so it’s very rare that anything Christmassy can get on my nerves but I just can’t get enough of the hare with his big floppy ears helping the bear to realize how amazing Christmas is.

Marks & Spencer – Believe In Magic & Sparkle

Marks & Spencer put their fashion side into their Christmas advert whilst fusing together a fairy tale theme. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley plays the main character travelling through the individual fairy tale stories. Rosie’s cute vibe creates a child-like theme along with the dainty music that plays in the background.

Aldi – There’s A Lot To Like This Christmas

Aldi put their usual twist on their Christmas advert with their ‘I like this one’ theme, the best part about this advert is when it ends with an exhausted Mr Christmas on top of a house after delivering many presents with his ‘I’d like a holiday in Barbados’. I love how Aldi still keep their cheeky side with their Christmas Ad, putting their Aldi stamp on Christmas.

Baileys – Christmas Nutcracker

An elegant touch is brought to our screens as Baileys use the theme of the nutcracker, Clara notices the Nutcracker Prince in the ‘Candy land’ bar and a ballet battle between the Nutcracker Prince and The Mouse King commences; knocking people out of the way and showing off their best moves. A twist to the original ending occurs as Clara joins her two friends to enjoy Baileys with a tagline to end ‘Spend time with the girls this Christmas’.

Boots – Let’s make the people who make us feel good, feel good

Boots make their star a young boy in a hoodie who seems like he’s out for a game of knock-a-door run but turns out to be delivering gifts to his nearest and dearest. One of the lines being ‘the fittest girl in year ten’ when giving her Marc Jacobs perfume, the urban Father Christmas also gets a present of his own at the end of his journey. I love the urban twist on Father Christmas – Boots have definitely made this advert their own.

Sainsbury’s – Christmas in a day

This absolute cracker is my favourite out of them all, it’s a long one but it’s worth the watch. In December 2012 Sainsbury’s asked the people of Britain to film their Christmas day. Mini clips of how people celebrated Christmas start from putting the tree up, all the way through to the dinner. A simple idea but one that works out amazingly well as it ends with three children wishing their dad a Merry Christmas as he’s serving in Afghanistan, and in pops the un-expected dad, it’s so heart warming and I find it hard to hold back the tears every time it comes on my screen.

What’s your favourite advert this Christmas? Maybe I’ve missed the one you love so tweet us your favourite!

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