The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Landed

The battle between Samsung and Apple seems everlasting, but it seems since Samsung’s uprising in 2012 they’ve been bringing out product after product and impressing us with the range of new ideas and technical advantages they’ve had over Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 impressed us all with the clear, eye-popping colours and surprising lightness from the large screened model (or as people would say the “handheld TV”). Although the mobile came across on the large scale, users quickly got the hand of it and used it as an advantage for media and social media uses. One item that stood out was the use of ‘Widgets’, this tactile feature allowed users to customize their experience in order to suit them, they can drag items onto the homepage for quick and handy use. Reviewers were doubtful about the release of the S3 and if it could live up to the previous device, but there was no need to be, the design and retained S2 features couldn’t have been a better decision for Samsung.

I’m Sorry Apple!

With my track record of broken phones due to either my doing or the software, I decided to purchase a Galaxy S3 five months ago, and I’ve had no regrets since. Like the mobile war, I found it a tricky decision between the IPhone 5 and the S3 but after weighing up the facts and figures I took the risk; I’ve never experienced such an easy-to-use android phone which still uses its technical swarve in every page and with the S4 due to release, I’m very tempted indeed.

Is This the Biggest Android Launch of 2013?

There is no question about it, with such a big build up and Samsung’s current track record of impressing their users and converting Apple heads to their impressive devices, there’s no doubting they can do it yet again with the S4.

Many predictions for the requirements of the device were passed around such as:
– Retina Display
– 5 inch full HD Screen
– Flexible Material (this could be the model after)
– 13 mega-pixel rear camera
– Wireless Charging

But how accurate were they?
– 5 inch full HD Screen
– Smart Pause/Smart Scroll
– Air View/Air Gesture
– Group Play
– S-Voice Drive
– S-Health
– Temperature and Humidity Sensors
– Dual camera features
– Sound and Shot Feature
– Drama Shot
– S-Translate

So, we were nearly there…

The launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a huge success last year and so the same and more was expected for the S4. As they didn’t disappoint with a live band and crowds of people gathering to test all these new features, this could well be yet another game changer for Samsung.

And yes, because I’m a massive geek I did watch the release in New York’s, Radio City Music Hall on Thursday 14th March 11pm (UK Time)!

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