The New Fluid Creativity Website: Enter the development cave…

After bringing you our spoof brief and creative process, this week it’s time to shine the spotlight on our developers, who probably deserve a little bit of credit for their minimal input on the new Fluid site.

Of course, an entire post stereotyping developers was probably a bit too much so instead we thought a celebration of all that’s wonderful in digital would be more fitting instead.

As usual, Lee’s input will shine through, so please feel free to call us if the terminology proves too complicated.

Once again, enjoy!

Head Developer Mike
Mike: he’s bad

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the Fluid Creativity studios, then you will be aware of a dark and secret place lingering in a section of the office that those of us with an attuned sense of smell rarely care to enter.

We call this the development lair (AKA upstairs), a sticky, studious place where girls are banned and a buzz of static fills the air.

It’s this static which is causing our head code-Neanderthal to lose his hair. Believe it or not, Mike is actually 17.

Pulling back the curtain to sounds of hissing as the developers are hit with the first rays of sunshine (or as they call it Java, Java Lord), MD Lee Turner settles down with a cup of developer special brew (i.e. Lucozade) and attempts to engage with the code-monkeys.

After faecal throwing and an hour long workshop to encourage Ade to switch from speaking in Javascript to English, the Fluid site discussion could finally begin.

After some futile attempts to communicate, it was decided that the only way to demonstrate concepts was to show the developers pretty pictures of sites we like*. Once the developers saw what our peers were up to everything would slot into place and the ripping off development could begin.

*Inspiration is not the same as plagiarism (Lee Turner)

Because the copywriters can’t be arsed: Stunning video by Amaze

Breakdown: Basically, we are aware that Richard Branson is dyslexic. When he comes calling on Fluid Creativity to help create his new venture, a video demonstrating our creative process (as opposed to lots of text) will probably be appreciated. That’s quite alrigh’ Richie mate.

Example: Amaze – Showreel

Why it’s well mint according to Lee: Amaze are clearly well-versed in the same dark arts as our Multi-media creative team as they have also been sucked in by this coveted ‘Vimeo’ cult. Amaze’s showreel demonstrates great work using a beautifully engaging video format and we especially like how they portray optimising client sites for the talky-talky box. (I’ve since been told this is responsive design).

I like the bangin’ beat too, reminds me of the time I went to Warehouse Project, got drunk on Baileys, took my shirt and one sock off and was escorted off the premises. Good times.

So anyway, I think we should sack the copywriters with their old-fashioned words and create a process video instead. It’s filthy but I like it.

Great work Amaze. Our copywriters would like us to tell you to go to hell.

Woah, no way: High-impact scrolling by Blue-Leaf

Breakdown: Because online motion sickness is always a winner.

Example: Blue-Leaf – Homepage

Why it’s sound according to Lee: I have been informed that this magical format is becoming rather popular and I want a bit of it. Get it for me! Blue-leaf has done a stellar job of getting their voice across using a clean, high-impact homepage and user-centred imagery.

The shutter-scrolling reminds me of the Coronation Street credits too, only much, much cooler. Go on, have a go at scrolling, it’s rather hypnotic…*

*Lee falls off chair…

…Anyway we will be utilising a similar format to display our portfolios. Out with all the text (AKA the copywriters), in with the funky.

Explaining REAL WORLD concepts to developers: User-Experience by Code Computerlove

Breakdown: People like things to look nice. This makes us feel happy. More Fluid money, more banana for monkey coding for developers.

Example: Code Computerlove – Approach

Why it’s boss according to Lee: Like us, Code Computerlove have combined, to use a technical term, a ‘fluffy bunny’ approach to their branding with symbolic hearts (knew I should have patented the damn thing…), and beautiful UX design.I therefore want lots of hearts, bunnies, and beating heart motion graphics alongside some of that uber-xcellent design thing you all keep telling me about. Code Computerlove have nailed their approach page with clear-cut graphics, powerful copy and a scrolly-scrolly function which I think we need. Developers, please get onto creating a spell which replicates this.

Some top class development there from some of our fellow Mancunian agencies. I will personally be offering a ten-spot reward for anyone who can explain how they went forward in time and totally took the ideas for the new site out of my head.

As usual, I will put the development team in the capable hands of our Account Manager who will be systematically tying up the developers at the above agencies to find out their secrets. If any developers walk out whilst copying crafting the new site, Steph and Chris S will become head developers. There’s WordPress for Dummies in the bookcase.

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  • Karen

    You all had me fooled! I thought that you were all professional, quiet, polite and business like and all this time you are a bunch of nutters! Loving your work

  • Karen

    You all had me fooled! I thought that you were all professional, quiet, polite and business like and all this time you are a bunch of nutters! Loving your work

  • Victoria Browne

    We prefer to think of ourselves as ‘complicated creative geniuses’ Karen! Thank you very much

  • Victoria Browne

    We prefer to think of ourselves as ‘complicated creative geniuses’ Karen! Thank you very much