The Fans and The Fakers – Spotting Those Twitter Duds

So you’ve wrote a tweet that you know is going to get some recognition, maybe a few favourites and re-tweets, and you’re sitting there until that glowing light of hope shines underneath the [email protected] button reminding you of how great that tweet was (I may be dramatizing this oh so slightly). And then the next thing happens. That next thing is the most disappointing news that you can receive in Twitter circumstances.

The dreaded fake follower telling you that you not only might, but most definitely have won £10,000 out of nowhere. How lucky are you? So yes you’re now going to reply to ask for the details of how to receive this large and mysterious amount of money right?… No Mr fake follower with your egg shaped body and various coloured backgrounds, we will not fall for your trickery.

The sad thing is, after experiencing such events you now feel as if you’re restricted with what to type along with the fact you only have 140 characters to put it in, all because of that disappointing feeling once you’ve clicked on the glowing light.

The ‘Business’ of Buying Followers

You’d think it was desperate to have to buy followers but apparently it’s a thing of the norm with brands, and now even regular everyday followers doing it. So if you thought the everyday popularity seeking dimwits tweeting the favourite munching tweets such as ‘I like Beyoncé’ were bad? Well these people are now paying for their so called Twitter fame.

These followers aren’t cheap either, making the whole idea pointless and hasty especially if you’re famous, come on Mr/Mrs greedy guts come and live the natural social media lifestyle like the rest of us.


The silly thing is with these companies that pay for their fakies, the tools to find out their following statistics are so simple to use by everyone, that rather than gaining any form of new followers they’re losing them due to purely being desperate. And so the story here kids is basically, a larger following doesn’t always mean a larger liking, it just ends up with a larger bill to pay and shaking heads from former fans and followers.

Why not try the old fashioned way with good old promotional features? It’s a lot more approachable and shows off the businesses personality. Not only for businesses but for individual users too, let the world know how hilarious, intelligent, excitable etc. of a person you are, don’t be the one throwing money at people for admiration like the Hugh Heffner of Twitter.

And as for you fakers clogging up our anger fountain with your silly prize giveaways and promising us free boats, we’re clever us Tweeters and we don’t accept your ridiculousness, in fact it’s insulting that you’d target us and our magnificently written tweets.

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