The Best of Euro 2012 Apps

Football fans of the world, unite; it’s that time once again. It’s time to unite behind Roy Hodgson and his band of not-so-merry misfits as they go the way of Engelbert Humperdinck and embarrass themselves in front of Europe, time to marvel at the world’s finest players in action and time to think up those justifications to your other half on just why you need to watch the Poland vs. Greece glamour tie. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Euro 2012 time!

Unfortunately, some of the games are kicking off at the rather work-unfriendly time of 5pm and you’re going to have to let the missus watch Eastenders at some point. Never fear, however, because the football lovers among us at Fluid Creativity have compiled a list of our favourite Euro 2012 apps, meaning no matter what happens, the action in Ukraine and Poland will always be with you.

Official UEFA Euro 2012 App – UEFA/Orange – iOS/Android – FREE

Everyone’s second least favourite footballing body after FIFA have developed an app with Orange, and it’s probably the only one a casual follower of football is going to need. Customisable news, analysis, videos and team guides are all here, along with a guide to host nations and their stadia. There’s some good GPS features too if you happen to be going to the tournament.

Our favourite bit, however, is a bizarre game by Orange in which you have to scream and wave your hands about like one of those crazed monkeys from 28 Days Later. Definitely not one for the train, but it beats those vuvuzela apps you had to endure in 2010.

Carlsberg Euro 2012 App – iOS/Android – FREE

If Carlsberg did apps, they’d probably…oh wait, they’ve done an app and it isn’t the best in the world. For the most part, the Carlsberg app offers the same features as the UEFA app, with the slight disadvantage of not being made by the tournament organisers. This means Carlsberg fall down slightly on player/team info and the latest news.

That’s not to say it’s a bad app however. The services it does offer should suffice for most football fans, and there’s a nice daily quiz which has kept me coming back to test my (apparently poor) knowledge of tournaments past. I also found it’s navigation slightly friendly than UEFA’s, but overall, the UEFA app probably offers more for the football aficionado.

Euro 2012 Stats Zone by Four Four Two and Opta – iOS – FREE

Want to know just how many times Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing linked up in the 5 – 0 defeat to France (spoiler: the answer is zero)? This app is for you. Tactics geeks rejoice, for this app allows you to draw on just about any stat imaginable and presents it on a nice chalkboard-style display. Perfect for boring your friends with just how good Xavi Hernandez’s pass completion rate is. The only downside is that it’s iOS only, meaning us Android geeks have to get our tactical fix the old way.

Matchpint –iOS – FREE

Another iOS only app, Matchpint helps you find the best pub in your current area to watch a game – perfect if you happen to be in rural Scotland and need to get to a screen quickly because Wayne Rooney has just scored with a 360 Bicycle Kick from 40 yards. Or you know, just fancy watching the game with a pint.

New Star Soccer – New Star Games – iOS/Android – £1.99

Okay, not technically Euro 2012-related, but this game is undoubtedly the most addictive football game ever created and will help fill those monochrome moments when football isn’t on television in some capacity. Create your own footballer and take him up the ranks through the medium of top-down aim-and-press action. Perfect.

TuneIn Radio – iOS/Android – FREE

Once the preserve of people wanting to listen to obscure American ‘screamo’ radio stations on their way to work (stop looking at me), TuneIn is bound to come into its own as the provider of aural football entertainment on the long commute home.

Football Manager Handheld – iOS/Android – £6.99

The catalyst for thousands of disciplinary hearings and divorces, the daddy of football management games can be yours on the move for the princely sum of £6.99. Team up with the Four Four Two app for tactical geekery heaven.
That’s it for our list, but we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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