The BBC launch a new website for Dr Who Fans

For all of you Dr Who geeks out there (including myself) who thought you were excited for the 50th Anniversary episode on 23rd November, especially with it being released in cinemas in 3D and the adverts on TV featuring all past Doctors, there’s now a website which was launched in the past week by the BBC to make your Dr Who absorbed minds explode!

The interactive website allows fans to send their support in, in the form of comments, photos, imagery etc. attached with the hashtag #SaveTheDay on their relevant social media channels. The BBC also state that fans can send their content through via an online form as well as using their choice of social media.

The entries are signified on the website by golden nodes to make up the outline of the Doctor’s most loyal companion, the Tardis.  The website shows the constructing Tardis set in the depths of space with the golden nodes twinkling so users of the website can zoom in further and see what the fans are up to in the lead up to the big day.

As well as the Tardis being built up by the twinkling nodes of entries, short clips will be released to build up any further excitement. This website has brought great excitement to fans with the interactive website giving them the control to build up the image of probably the biggest connection to the doctor. As well as being a promotional stunt this campaign also brings fans together as if they are part of the Tardis.

Big pat on the back for the BBC they’ve provided the audience with as much information as they need including where to watch the episode and keeping in contact with fellow Dr Whovians.

The 50th Anniversary of Dr Who airs on Saturday 23rd November, BBC 1 at 7:50pm, it’s safe to say that you won’t want to miss it!

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