The Art of Science

I’m back at work after an extended weekend down in the big smoke. I think all of the smoke comes from their broken tube system which forced me to walk around our nation’s capital for the majority of the weekend. Nevertheless, my travels took me by the fantastic Science Museum in South Kensington.  A hugely worthwhile trip, especially as it’s next door to the spectacular Natural History Museum.

Anyway, as I ambled around the Science Museum I came across a fun interactive exhibit on the top floor.  What drew my attention away from the screeching children pulling levers and punching their classmates was a fun display where children had drawn their interpretation of what science was.  I couldn’t help but snap some pictures so lets cue the music as we take a look at some of my favourites:

6 year old Lucy has made an admirable attempt at recreating the modern spectacle that is a rocket launch.  From the looks of things our astronaut friend might want to take a few steps back from the rocket as he’s looking a bit burnt.  Either that or he’s from Cheshire and it’s just fake tan.

The rather pretentiously named Someday Maybe has delivered this more elaborate effort.  If we do eventually make contact with life from another planet I too would like to imagine that the first exchange would be a high five.

Now I haven’t consulted our lawyers before writing this post, however I’d say there was a fairly strong case for the artist above to claim that they have been plagiarised by the artist below.  No one likes to be the victim of creative theft so we’d like to take this opportunity to launch a campaign on behalf of the short changed Mr or Mrs Maybe.  We’ve no idea who the artist ‘George’ is below but to be on the safe side if you do see a small child called George then feel free to call them a ‘big meany’.  Tell ’em we sent you.

What could embody the values of science any more than a lustful robot?  Beautiful.

Young Lucy Wade has envisioned a colourful future whereby to cut down on the pollution caused by rocket launches, future spacecraft will be fuelled by party poppers judging by the streamers being emitted from the engines of her rocket.  Either that or she’s just a really rubbish drawer.

James from Stockport should really handle himself with more dignity and spend his time more productively rather than sitting on a child’s chair at a low desk scribbling ill concieved doodles with baskets of blunt pencil crayons in an attempt to better the efforts of CHILDREN.

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