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Fluid feedback board

Last Friday we launched our new website and were immediately swamped with a plethora of kind reviews and lovely comments (which we helped to instigate by offering prizes, ahem).

It was difficult to choose a winner, and we have to admit the odd sarcastic comment about our love of a certain hue did tickle our fancy, but we just had to go with some of the particularly comprehensive reviews we had coming in. So, here’s a shout out to our winners – thanks guys, you made our day:

Snatching the trophy: Sophie Kent
Coming in gold: Steph Jones
For being really awesome: Mike Stephens

But our winners aside, there were plenty more comments which we thought deserved a shout-out. So here they are: the good, the ‘not-bad’ and those with an apparent hatred for green.

The “I’ve never seen such a beacon of excellence” responses

Simon Taylor, Head of Creative at Online Ventures was so “Taken aback with the greatness” of the site that it took him a whole weekend to express such excellence in a tweet.

Thanks Simon, such kind words from a fellow creative are greatly appreciated, all we’re saying is that if you’d pulled your finger out on Friday, instead of Monday, a keg of America’s finest could have been on its way. The early bird gets the Budweiser.

“Lovely new website from Fluid Creativity, particularly like the spoof blogs about the painful journey to launch, we’ve all been there”.

– A lovely message from the MD of Smoking Gun PR, Rick Guttridge.

Yes those ‘spoof’ blogs about how trodden down, battered and broken we are were hilarious. We do like a joke at Fluid Creativity! What’s that Lee? The urinal is leaking again and we must all take it in turn with the marigolds…?

“Love it!”

– Short, sweet and much appreciated from Gnarly Digital.

404 error page

The “big-up Scott and Henry” responses

Scott is our multi-media creative and he was the brains, penmanship and, quite frankly, biologist behind our stunning process video.

Henry is a toddler, our MD’s son and the screaming bundle of joy on our 404 error page. Basically, all Henry did was have a tantrum, but you guys loved it all the same. So here’s to Scott and Henry, the visual geniuses behind the new Fluid site.

“Love the new site @fluidcreativity, I’m trying to find a fault so I can see that adorable 404 page again, my favourite!”

– Henry’s biggest fan, Lisa [email protected]_Loves’

“Process video is absolutely brilliant. Well played @Splurj”

– Former employee and semi-official Fluid brand advocate @Inoperante2

The “offended by the colour” responses

“The best thing about the new site are the mesmerising shades of green you’ve used”

– A mind-blowingly sharp observation by Liam Weaver. Made us chuckle though, better to go down in a sea of acid green rather than beige as we always say.

“Might be in the minority, but it all seems a bit noisy?”

– A noise complaint from David Darnes

To which we replied “Fair point David, I guess we think we’re worth the noise”.

So that was the love you lot were sending on the day. We truly did enjoy every single tweet, even if after 1:30pm there was a certain degree of intoxication in the studio.

But, even though our launch day has been and gone, we’d still love to hear what you think. We’ve already been publicly shortlisted on FWA, but our Awwwards submission is still open, so please take two minutes to review us.

And keep in mind when reviewing us, we’ve now forged a reputation as the purveyors of beer and chocolate…

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