Tameside College pay us a visit!

A group of HNC / HND students from the Computing Programme Area at Tameside College recently spent an afternoon with us here at our Hyde studio. They came with their Course Tutor, Shebnem Harris and their web development tutor, John Pywell. The purpose of the visit was to gain an insight into current practices and technologies used in the web development industry and to see what it is like to work in a full service digital agency.

Students get insight into PHP development

Students get insight into PHP development

We had a chat to the group about trends in web development, accessibility, how our design and development teams work together and talked in-depth about the design and implementation processes we use to deliver our projects.

John Pywell said: “We are indebted to Lee and his team for taking time out from their busy work schedule to talk to us.  It is so easy for educational institutions like ours to lose touch with current practices and teach out-of-date techniques and theories, especially in such a rapidly-changing industry like web development.  This puts our students at a distinct disadvantage when they leave and try to find jobs.  We’ve all learned a lot from this visit, and will certainly be incorporating as much of Fluid Creativity’s advice into our lessons as the curriculum allows.”

At the end of the visit we gave the students an opportunity to undertake a web development task to test their skills using PHP. We will be reviewing their work and have offered one week’s work-placement opportunity to the student who has created the best solution.

We hope the students took away some nuggets of sage advice from us on the day which they can apply in their studies and future careers!

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