Student Vs Pro – We Have a Winner!

This week we have been very pleased to welcome a particularly talented work experience student to Fluid. The last thing we’d want to do is burden them with the mammoth task of sorting our brews out, so it was after we spotted that our plucky student was a bit handy with the ol’ graphics tablet that we decided to set up a challenge.

The gauntlet was thrown down: work experience student Vs one of Fluid’s Mac monkeys. Each contestant was given a brief to design a desktop backdrop based around the theme of: ‘monsters in Manchester’ and 123 of you lovely people have been voting all day on your favourite design – thank you!

Well the voting has closed and we can reveal that the winner was Design B with 55% of the votes drawn by…….

our work experience student, 15 year old Annette Jones!

We love both Scott and Annette’s designs, but I think you’ll be as impressed as we are with Annette’s talent.  We’re sure you’re as keen as we are to encourage new designers so do show some love in the comments! You can now download full size versions of both designs by simply clicking on the links below.

Scott – ‘Manchester Monster’

Annette Jones – ‘The Rain’s Not as Bad as They Say’

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  • Tom Hardwidge

    Design B gets my vote. Much softer and has a wider appeal.
    A seems a little too aggressive and masculine.

  • joe bloggs

    none of the above

    • Nicola Thomas

      They had a matter of only a few hours to come up with a concept and create the artwork. Play Fair!

  • Emma_H

    Design B gets my vote too. Especially as a desktop background, I feel like A would hurt my eyes after a while. Plus I love the idea of using the Manchester rain. It's just really nicely thought out and beautiful too.

  • Marvin_Speakman

    I would have to agree with young Tom there, design A is a little Grrrrrrrrrr … nice but Grrrrrrrrr.

    Design B get's my vote!

  • David Tutin

    Gotta be design B

  • Steve

    Both are good, I think from a finished product I prefer design A, but conceptually design B is clever and captures your imagination for a bit longer.
    Given the time constraints I think they both did a good job initially I voted for A as it reminded me of the wolf from Neverending story but as I mentioned B sticks in your mind longer.
    Can't wait to find out the final result Good luck guys!

  • Kay Dinsdale

    The girly girl in me voted for B. I actually love both of these.

    Hope you manage to hold onto that work experience student, a talented lass!

  • aprilstevensonsba

    b has my vote softer and more sophisticated than A

  • aprilstevensonsba

    Design b gets my vote more softer and sophsticated

  • Guess

    Design A is clearly more professional and better-made, but it's also kind of forgettable. I prefer design B for its quirky charm.

  • Carys Taylor

    Love the reference to rain, as it's Manchester. I think design A is impressive, with lots of impact, but far too aggresive to look at for long as a desktop. I'm wondering how old your student is, her work is of a very high standard.

    • Nicola Thomas

      Annette is 15, and yes…. very talented!!

  • Cube

    Both designs look great and will appeal to different audiences. Design B edges it for me, I could see it as an illustration in a story book.

    Well done to Fluid for taking on a work experience student!

  • Dilys

    Design A has impact, but design B is so quirky, individual and lovely.

  • chappers

    Congrats Annette…love your style. Charming and menacing at the same time :) Hope you keep at the drawing & designing….wonderful.

  • Caroline

    Wow, really impressive. And she's only 15? I love, love, love A as it's right up my street from a design point of view but, actually, design B makes you linger and consider its meaning which is really clever.

  • lazerian

    Miss Jones is my vote

  • Wayne Silcock

    Keep up the good work Annette, love the illustration style and you are talented far beyond your years. Excellent job, you are welcome back any time

  • Andrew

    Very impressed!

  • suelocker

    Annette Jones,what wonderful art,,,Well done Annette.

  • suelocker

    Annette Jones,what wonderful art,,,Well done Annette.

  • Sue Loxs

    A wonderful calm picture,by Annette,she has a real talent!