Strike a pose. Vogue. Fluid Creativity stage video shoot for TV & Video Direct

Yesterday Mark and Scott escaped for the day and went window shopping for supercars (on Lee’s behalf…)

The official line is that they actually went on a film shoot to showcase a range of installations that TV & Video Direct have fitted in retail establishments, showrooms and restaurants throughout the UK.

TV & Video Direct provide audio visual solutions for a range of commercial sectors and have partnered with Fluid Creativity for their full website redesign. From vast video walls to interactive touch screens, digital signage and shop fitting, it’s TV & Video Direct who provide those impressive screens we all secretly want to touch when we’re out and about.

It was our job to capture the screens in situ and show the new installations in all their splendour.

Mark and Scott started the day at Indulge Fragrances in the Trafford Centre before heading over to Hippo Motor Group to continue filming for TV & Video Direct’s extensive portfolio. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to jet-set (within the scope of Manchester).

Fluid Creativity filming

The Trafford Centre without the hoards, a true sight to behold.

Indulge Fragrances required extensive interactive signage within the store and an external 15 screen feature video wall. We weren’t permitted to shoot outside of the store, but luckily we got some great shots from within.

Using a hired dolly crane allowed us to create instantly professional results and gave us the flexibility to get some great footage.

Canon camera and lens


That’s a Canon 5D Mark III with two rather awesome lenses. Using a Canon 8mm-15mm (fish eye) & a Canon 24mm wide-angle lens with an f/1.4 aperture, we created images with a slight geometric distortion, a conscious choice in order to create truly stunning images for our client.

Dolly crane

This 9 screen video wall at the back of the store gives Indulge Fragrances an unrivalled visual presence. Showcasing HD footage designed to attract footfall, the store can quickly and easily change the content in order to promote new products. Two screen towers flanking the entrance additionally act to attract passers-by.

Hippo Motor Group

Ah, I was there last week, putting my name on the R8 waiting list… That’s mine, by the window.

The Hippo showroom was fitted with digital signage, large format projectors, backroom AV, marketing screens and a multi-zone audio system with integrated touch screens. The aim of the project was to create an immersive experience and ultimately increase sales, giving customers the option to access product details, prices and stock levels.

Hippo Motor Group showroom

Is that a 911? I’m not generally a Porsche fan but… ahem…

The carbon fibre wasn’t just restricted to the beauties in the showroom. Scott positions the camera on the dolly crane’s ultra light (yet ultra strong) carbon fibre frame.

Give me the good stuff. That’s beautiful... show us some leg...

Give me the good stuff. That’s beautiful… show us some leg…

Behind that strapping fellow we can see the wall mounted marketing screens displaying the Hippo branding.

iPhone interactive screen

Grab the keys and let’s run!

An impressive iPhone style touch screen allows customers to find out more about the services and products on offer through an interactive display. Fellow Mancunians can also visit Wakooshii restaurant in the Trafford Centre to explore a similar ‘iPhone’ menu and watch dishes being prepared on the screen.

I invented the selfie Dahhhling.

I invented the selfie Dahhhling.

Mark, don’t fight it, you know we can start a new life together...

Mark, don’t fight it, you know we can start a new life together…

The lads had a great day and back in the studio it’s been all hands on deck as Scott tweaks the unedited footage to perfection. We’re looking forward to showcasing the final video and seeing TV & Video Direct reap some impressive sales as a result.

To hire our very own Hitchcock and Spielberg, contact us to find out more about our video production service.

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