Startups worth knowing about: Percolate

Percolate is described by its New York-based founders as, ‘the first content curation platform that works by bubbling up interesting content based on your network’ – the site gathers information from your Twitter and Google Reader feeds to present you with content that is specific to you.

The filtered content from your connected feeds is presented as your ‘Daily Brew’ and from what I’ve seen so far, the filtering process is impressive and has churned out content that is interesting and relevant. Noah Brier, co-founder of the new social platform, explains that ‘popularity, recency and authority’ are some of the factors used to decipher the content that appears in your Daily Brew, the other filtering techniques are top secret. At present, Percolate only connects with Twitter and Google Reader but more will be added in the future.

As well as a content curation site, Percolate is also a social network; as you follow users, their tags will appear in your ‘Percolating’ feed. You can tag a piece of content as win, awesome, interesting or fail (or you can create your own tag) and there’s also a box for you to write a comment but this optional. Brier believes tagging is the easiest way to curate content; if you’re in a hurry you can simply tag a news article as ‘awesome’ and this will appear in the feed of all of your followers, who can also comment on what you’ve posted. Brier says Percolate can be used as a publishing platform for those who feel daunted by blogging but want somewhere to voice their opinion.

Percolate and Twitter definitely have similarities but they also have a few important differences, Brier explains how Twitter and Facebook ‘shrunk the box’ when it came to curating content. Percolate’s purpose is to completely remove the box – encouraging users to react to content rather than start from scratch (à la WordPress and Blogger).

The content curation platform is currently in ‘Double Secret Alpha’ so you’ll need an invite to have a play. Luckily, we have a few invites to share here.

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