Social Media RoundUp: November ’11

Well, Google finally opened the doors to brands and businesses on Google+ and the rush of companies to get set up on the fledgling social network was incredible.

Google Plus Pages launched with 20 brands – including Pepsi, H&M, Macy’s and Toyota – and opened up to everyone roughly 24 hours later. Despite a lack of features, certainly compared to Facebook’s own Pages, businesses are clearly seeing value in having a Google+ presence.

As ever, some brands took the time to think about their G+ Page before they acted, producing some stunning campaigns right off the bat. Others, sadly, did not. But let’s focus on the good. Here’s the pick of the Google+ Pages we’ve found so far.


Burberry was one of the original Pages to go live at launch. The clever use of the five-photo Showcase area at the top of their Profile page is the best we’ve seen. Really gives that winter feel and shows off the product very well indeed. By the way, it’s animated, so click through to see it in action.



The folks over at chocolate giant Cadbury have jumped in with both feet on Google+, producing a limited edition 1kg Dairly Milk+1 bar! One of the bars has already made it to Google’s UK HQ and the rest are up for grabs in a competition the company is running on G+ – all you have to do is tell them what you actually want them to do on their Google+ Page.

Cadbury Dairy Milk+1

Sensible approach – get set up, provide an incentive and get your customers to tell you what they want. On top of this, they’re really engaging with their followers and not just posting their products up there. Nice work, Cadbury.

Ford Motor Company

Ford were actually one of the very, very few companies that were allowed to use what was then a personal account for their brand (as you can see from their profile pic) and so have been at this Google+ thing a lot longer than most. As it stands, their profile is still a personal one, not one of the new Pages, but as they’ve obviously had input into how Pages have been developed I imagine they’ll be putting theirs live very soon.

Ford Motor Company

In the meantime, what we like about their Google+ presence is how they take advantage of every available aspect. They host Hangouts (video chat), share owner stories and engage by talking about driving – not just driving a Ford. Ford is actually one of the most socially savvy companies out there, thanks in no small part to Scott Monty, their global social media lead.

Incidentally, our (very much a work in progress) G+ Page is here. Circle us, we’ll Circle you back.

What brands have you Circled on Google Plus and which have you been most impressed with?

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