Social Media Roundup: April ’12

Here’s our social media roundup for March, which includes’s ‘House of Horrors’ Facebook app, an interactive billboard from Bronx Shoes and yet another wonderful Instagram photo competition. Facebook app has given us cheery animated television adverts and along with We Buy Any Car DOT COM, has introduced a new phenomenem of adding ‘dot com’ after EVERYTHING. Anyway, the price comparison site has taken a not-so-cheery approach with their latest promotion ‘House of Horrors’ – a Facebook app that integrates Google Maps and Facebook to create a video of a burglar in your home looking at your personal photos before leaving with a shiny MacBook.

This is a very similar to Take This Lollipop, an app that shows the power of social networks and the information app owners can obtain from your profile. Once you are signed into the app (it’s safe if you want to try, and worth a look) you watch a video of a very creepy man spying on your profile information and photographs. It definitely has the right effect, I remember it scared the hell out of me when I first saw it.

Unfortunately the app doesn’t have the same impression for me, maybe it’s because it’s been done before, or it might be because the video lacks quality and isn’t particularly clear. Either way, it is a clever way to promote the downright boring subject of home insurance.

Bronx Shoes Interactive Billboard Facebook Campaign

A billboard like no other has been installed in Cape Town to promote Bronx Shoes. Every time a User Likes the company’s Facebook page, a strand of facial hair is added to the billboard, ‘More Like More Beard’ as the copy says. You can even watch a live stream as each strand is added to the interactive billboard – what fun!

Lancome Instagram Contest ‘Rouge in Love’ (now closed)

Users are asked to colour in their life through an Instagram photo contest using the tags #inlovewithday, #inlovewithnight & #inlovewithdusk. Each week a winner was selected from each category. I love the way brands use Instagram as a marketing tool and with its recent Facebook takeover the photo-sharing app is only going to increase in popularity.

Manchester City FC Joins Pinterest

MCFC have joined photo curation site Pinterest, the social network known for its huge female following. Maybe this will encourage more male users to join the site and start pinning – who knows? One of their pinboards is entitled ‘city pets’ where you can see lots of cutesy photos of pets donning Man City attire. Thanks to @Liamss for letting me know about this page!

Have any social media campaigns caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • claironeill

    Take This Lollipop doesn’t seem to be working any more!

  • claironeill

    Take This Lollipop doesn't seem to be working any more!