Social Media Round-Up: Olympic Special

A couple of weeks ago we posted a piece denouncing the ridiculous branding rules of LOCOG, the mildly oppressive sounding organisers of that there sporting event in London Town. At the time, we got quite a good reception with plenty of polite virtual head-nodding. Everyone agreed that LOCOG sucked and that the big sports day we’d sunk billions of pounds into was going to be rubbish.

Fast forward two weeks and it seems that everyone’s forgotten about LOCOG’s oppressive nature because it turns out we’re actually pretty good at this Olympics lark. Not just good at the sports either; it turns out we’re also excellent at putting on shows about the industrial revolution, the man who invented the internet and children being attacked in their beds by a terrifying race of shadow wraiths. All in all, the general consensus is that everybody loves the Olympics. Negativity? What negativity?

Even I, author of said piece, have become enamoured with the trials and tribulations of Team GB, although my personal highlight was finding out about the Federated States of Micronesia, which I remain convinced isn’t actually a country but some cheeky scamps naming themselves after a location from Star Trek. A bit like when everyone pretended they were Jedis.

Anyway, in the spirit of what those pesky ‘social media gurus’ will surely refer to as the ‘social media Olympics’ (just like every other major event of the past five years), we’ve rounded up some of the big Olympic social media stories for you.

Twitter Isn’t As Lovely As We Thought It Was, But No-One Cares

One of the big controversies of this Olympic Games has been US broadcaster NBC’s decision to delay its coverage of the games for a primetime audience and pepper it with adverts. It’s made a lot of people angry, including journalist Guy Adams, who was so upset that he tweeted an NBC executive’s email address to his followers.

It turns out Twitter (the company, not the platform) didn’t like this and banned Adams’ account and at the same time became as popular as the Syrian government. Conspiracies were abound regarding the company’s relationship with NBC, but Twitter later came back and said sorry, bringing Guy Adams in from the cold with it.

It turns out Twitter’s brief dalliance with being tyrannical didn’t affect the amount of people signing up however, with this report from Tech Radar claiming users signups actually increased in the wake of the ‘crisis’. It turns out that being evil doesn’t matter so long as you provide access to Jessica Ennis’ innermost thoughts.

Twitter Is The Best Place To Get Last Minute Seats

Another controversy surrounding the games is what has come to be known as ‘empty seat gate, with those big corporate giants who wouldn’t let us say Olympics not even bothering to show up (the monsters!). Anyway, everyone got mad and eventually LOCOG announced it would be releasing tickets on the day. Which inevitably led to a mad rush and lots of tears.

Luckily, Twitter proved its worth once again when an enterprising sort named Adam Naismith developed a programme that checks the Olympic ticket website and sends out alerts on the latest released tickets via Twitter. @2012TicketAlert is now pushing 39,000 followers, and has been credited with helping hundreds of people to get tickets. True to the Olympic spirit, Naismith has made no money off the operation and is instead asking thankful souls to donate to the British Olympic Association.

Everyone Hates A Bully

Trolling reared its ugly head when some thoughtless idiot decided to tweet Tom Daley abuse for having the audacity not to win. Even worse, the aforementioned idiot decided to bring Daley’s recently deceased father into it. Thankfully, Daley decided to turn the tables and retweet the abuse to his followers and the idiot was soon called out by thousands of people and was even trending at one point. The lesson? Don’t be an idiot…especially not to the Olympic equivalent of One Direction.

Usain Bolt Wins Gold in Tweets Per Minute, But Mr. Bean Isn’t Far Behind

In the age of social media, major events are often talked about in terms of ‘tweets per minute’. The current leaderr of the ‘tweets per minute’ race at London 2012 is Usain Bolt, with a remarkable 74,000 tweets being sent per minute about his 9.63second 100m sprint victory. The other big Olympic Twitter winners include cyclist Lizzie Armitstead, who gained 500 followers per second after winning a silver medal and Mr. Bean, whose bizarre cameo in the opening ceremony provided the peak of tweets during the event. It could have been worse though; at least it wasn’t a live ‘tweetalong’ to ‘Hey Jude’.

The BBC Need to Hire Samuel L. Jackson As A Commentator

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Samuel L. Jackson is brilliant at doing anything, but the eternal enemy of airborne snakes has really outdone himself with his unique take on some of the events on Twitter. Here’s Sam’s take on the gymnastics (read in his voice for maximum effect):

OKaaaay….. GB screwed by some Pommelfuqqinhorse JUDGE Horses**t AGAIN! WTF!! Smith wz BRILLIANT!

As you can tell, the man with no middle name wasn’t happy. But that’s not to say he doesn’t celebrate success either:

Homegirl’s got that fall off the Mat move DOWN!! Third Fu**in time!

Daaaaamn! Volleygals made quick work of that Italian #6! They just swallowed, Neva CHEWED!

There’s hundreds more similar tweets from the star of Deep Blue Sea, although he’s yet to confirm if he now includes Erirtea alongside ‘What?’ on his ‘no country I’ve ever heard of’ list. Basically, the BBC needs to get Sammy L. on the phone pronto.

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