Social Media Round Up: February 2012

We’re back with our monthly social media round up, focusing on the best social media marketing efforts we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

This month, though, there’s only one campaign worth mentioning and that’s that of the Cadbury UK team. As official treat provider to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, they’ve been gearing up for the events in impressive style.

The Goo Games campaign actually launched on January 6th, will run until April according to Marketing Week and features TV ads, PR, sales promotion and digital events. It’s the latter we’re interested in, of course.

At 11am on Saturday 28th January, utilising YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Cadbury UK launched the Cadbury Creme Egg Goo Games to promote their goo-filled chocolate eggs.

Featuring an opening ceremony, a host of events that will take place at the Olympics, some impressive video and photography and a whole slew of prizes for you to win by participating, the event was as wide ranging as it was engaging.

The #GooGames Opening Ceremony video was published on Cadbury’s “Creme Egg GooTube” channel and promoted on Twitter using the hash tag. Yes, there was a LOT of wordplay involved too. Here it is in all its glory.

Even before that, anticipation was built by having ‘celebrity’ Creme Eggs arrive for the premier of the #GooGames – like this:

Cel-egg-rities arrive for the opening ceremony

Cel-egg-rities arrive for the opening ceremony

With the Opening Ceremony out of the way, the main events got going, split across the various social media platforms to try to maximise engagement. The hurdles were featured exclusively on Cadbury UK’s Facebook page (and shared across to the Creme Egg page too), while the javelin and cycling events were shared on Google+. Twitter, meanwhile, provided a running commentary and the opportunity to join in with the egg-related word play and win prizes for retweeting.

Videos of the vents were posted YouTube (or GooTube if you prefer) and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where appropriate, with ‘photographs’ of the events featuring heavily on Google+ in particular. Here’s an album of some of the best:

The #GooGames Velodrome fills up for the cycling.

The #GooGames Velodrome fills up for the cycling.

The #GooGames Cycling is underway...and the pressure begins to tell...

The #GooGames Cycling is underway…and the pressure begins to tell…

Hurdles competitors line up for the off...

Hurdles competitors line up for the off…

...but there's disaster at the second hurdle as several come to a sticky end!

…but there’s disaster at the second hurdle as several come to a sticky end!

That was bad, but it's genuine tragedy at the #GooGames javelin event!

That was bad, but it’s genuine tragedy at the #GooGames javelin event!

As all-encompassing campaigns go, this was one of the most ambitious and well thought out efforts I’ve ever seen. To take in the number of social media channels it did was no doubt quite a challenge for the Cadbury social team and Social Media Manager Jerry Daykin, who was kind enough to reply to me when I praised CadburyUK for their Google+ work recently.

As with anything though, it’s about results. So how did the #GooGames campaign go over this particular weekend? It’s quite hard to tell not having access to Cadbury’s analytics but we can get a rough idea from the amount of public engagement there has been since the build up began on Friday 27th January to Monday 30th January.

The Cadbury UK Facebook page has 79,676 Likes at the time of writing. Posts relating to the #GooGames got a total of 206 acts of engagement in the form of Likes, shares and comments. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

The Cadbury Creme Egg page has a remarkable 2,111,834 Likes. A total of 745 acts of engagement were gained on #GooGames-related posts. Not good. But if you consider each Facebook user has an average of 130 friends then the reach was potentially great.

How many people interacted with the weekend’s event on Facebook was low, but only Cadbury will know how many views it got – I suspect that was incredibly high.
On Google+, where the Cadbury UK page is in 138,074 people’s Circles, engagement was much better. In fact, just a week earlier they had only hit the 50,000 Circles mark. The #GooGames and the build up to it through the week seems to have more than doubled that figure so right there you can say it was a success.

Between Friday and Monday #GooGames related content garnered 748 interactions via +1’s (426), shares (103) and comments (219). For Cadbury on Google+, the #GooGames was a hit, no question.

On Twitter, which played very much a supporting role anyway, it’s much harder to judge the success of the campaign. A check on shows 122 tweets generated 205,986 impressions, reaching an audience of 57,623 followers within the past 24 hours (report generated at 14.07, Mon 30th Jan).

Given this is very much after the event and @CadburyUK has just over 12,000 followers it’s probably safe to say those numbers were much, MUCH higher for Saturday.

Cadbury were utilising the ever popular ‘retweet to win’ tactic with this:

@CadburyUK: Retweet the #GooGames Opening Ceremony for a chance to win a box of 48 Creme Eggs – it’s Goo-d to share!

It’s still being retweeted now…so imagine how much it was retweeted on the day in question.


Cadbury’s Goo Games campaign is a long running bid to market their Creme Eggs as part of their overall Olympics partnership. This particular use of social media marketing does really need to be viewed as part of the overall campaign, but from a pure social media standpoint it was fantastic.

By far the most successful platforms were Google+ and Twitter in terms of engagement, but the brand awareness it must have generated across all platforms, especially their Creme Egg Facebook page with its two million plus fans, cannot be ignored.

More importantly, the whole thing was great fun and can only have left feelings of positive sentiment with those who viewed it. Sure, I’d like to take a very close look at their Facebook Insights, Twitter stats and more to get a better idea of the actual numbers but, frankly, I loved it.

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