Snapchat Newsfeed… Sorry ‘Stories’

So I was once again updating my Snapchat app as I seemed to have been doing for a number of weeks now and suddenly something different actually happened to the app. This odd little feature called ‘stories’ made its way onto my feed and at first I was very confused at what it actually was and why it seemed to be the highlight of my friends’ activity.

The new feature allows Snapchat users to string a number of the short videos together to send to their whole contact list so their friends can watch them an unlimited amount of times within 24 hours. I was under the impression that Snapchat was a quick photo sharing app in which the point was to have a preview of content and it was then disregarded, which for my organised brain was perfect!

To me this is starting to take an Instagram and Vine approach rather than sticking to its ground, but then again I could be wrong and this feature could take off. Snapchat has been running since September 2011 and since then has taken off to create a fun photo sharing experience, which has now got a little carried away and slightly ruined the 10 second count for me, I don’t particularly want people staring at my face for 24 hours.

Is Snapchat the new Marketing Tool?

Brands could have a ball with this feature, it’s perfect for short movies for advertisement or sending out a quick message to fans. Although the downside being that it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours and so it may not be worth it.

There’s so many ways a brand can promote itself on Snapchat:

  • Sneak Peaks
  • Unveilings
  • Competition
  • Team members
  • Behind the scenes

A timeline feature is now a part of every app especially when it comes to social media but with this timeline it’s not being shoved in your face, you have the option to seek out and view the content when you want to. I like this element of the feature as anything that means not being pestered makes me feel at ease, I can view the things I want to view rather than have it thrust upon me.

So basically what this new feature does is rather than pester all of your friends and annoy them you can pester them and they can choose whether to be annoyed? I don’t understand the whole hype about this, in this case and this case only I’m going to use the word ‘overrated’ (and breathe Sian) as I think that this is basically another thing to get us all excited about to be knocked down and told it’s basically just one long ‘snap’.

But good news for all of you brands, you can target customers and introduce them to new products by connecting with them on their favourite app!

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