Skittles get social

Anyone who partakes in the “Twittersphere” (has this word been invented yet?) will probably have received a Tweet or two regarding the new Skittles homepage and the Interweb the Rainbow campaign.  For the unenlightened, Skittles have handed their homepage over to Twitter users who are free to tweet about anything they so choose relating to Skittles (or at least mentioning “Skittles” in your tweet).  The page was then subsequently (and somewhat predictably) hijacked by users.

Many of the tweets, including one by myself merely had the word “Skittles” in and nothing else to test if the software works which it does.  This makes for very boring reading as many other Tweeters have done this as well.

Other parts of the site link through to the Skittles Wikipedia page, their Youtube Channel, a Facebook page, an ingredients page and a contact page.  As this is a totally revolutionary concept of handing over control of a brand to web users, it has been picked up a considerable amount of media coverage.

To assess whether this has been an overall success is difficult and probably too early to tell.  If you subscribe to the mantra that “all publicity is good publicity” then in this instance Skittles has achieved this goal.  Many commentators have commended Skittles for being brave with their Brand, others might argue it was a reckless experiment. The question is did Skittles have much of a Brand to damage? What do most people think of when they think of Skittles, “coloured sweets that came to prominence in the late 1980’s”.  And I would still hold this view despite the chants of “Skittlefisting”.

The site seems to have engaged with many people who would other wise not pay any attention to the skittles brand, e/g adults. Here you can see how to traffic has spiked on the back of the campaign.

I would argue that it is refreshing to see a brand rather than micro manage their social media marketing, completely throw caution to the wind and see how the user interactivity unfolds.

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