Secret Sketch Santa 3

3 years?  Have we really been doing this rubbish for 3 years?

For those new to our little blog every Christmas we play our own version of Secret Santa.  Being the creative lot that we are, Secret Sketch Santa has a slight twist on the traditional secret santa format.

1, Each staff member picks another staff member’s name out of the hat.

2, Draw them in such a fashion that their likeness will be suitable to place on the blog without causing widespread offence.

No one (apart from me) knows who has drawn whom and it is down to you, our plucky readers to vote on which is your favourite – we will reward one of you witha lovely bag of sweeties at the end of the day for your efforts.

To be in with a chance of winning, cast your vote and tweet a link to the post, including a #SecretSketchSanta hashtag.  A random voter will be drawn out of the hat just after voting closes and a bag of Haribo will be promptly stuffed into a jiffy bag and put in the post.

Voting will close at 3pm at which point all of our artists will be revealed and the picture with the most votes will earn some sort of prize for it’s artist.

*********** VOTING CLOSED – WINNER IS NICOLA! ***********

[poll id=”12″]

MARK was drawn by JO

JAMES was drawn by PETER

MITHUL was drawn by CLAIR

RACHEL S was drawn by JAMES

MARTIN was drawn by ADRIAN

MIKE was drawn by CHRIS

SCOTT was drawn by RACHEL S

BEN G was drawn by LEE

CLAIR was drawn by RACHEL A

SARAH was drawn by BEN E

CHRIS was drawn by MITHUL

NICOLA was drawn by MARK

GRAHAM was drawn by MARTIN

ADRIAN was drawn by BEN G

BEN E was drawn by SARAH

LEE was drawn by MIKE

RACHEL A was drawn by NICOLA

JO was drawn by GRAHAM

PETER was drawn by SCOTT

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  • thegrumble

    Wow, must say, the standard has shot up this year. Well done all!

  • Duncan Michael-MacGregor

    Some talented artists and some struggling ones there, lol ;-P

  • Matt Davies

    Wow, must say, the standard has shot up this year. Well done all!

  • Duncan M. MacGregor

    Some talented artists and some struggling ones there, lol ;-P