Raven Tools Launches GA Config to aid with Google Analytics Set Up

My favourite SEO tool suite to date is without question the one provided by Raven. To my mind it’s the most accurate, easiest to use, most configurable and it produces high quality reports that are, for the most part, client-ready.

That opinion has improved further now that they have launched a Google Analytics Configuration Tool at www.gaconfig.com.
Raven GA Config Tool

Basic set up and installation of a new Google Analytics (GA) account for a website is simple enough, certainly for any SEO worth his or her salt, and it is sufficient for tracking the most basic visitor. GA, though, is capable of far more than that. Most webmasters are either unaware of this or don’t have the knowledge to take advantage. That’s where GA Config comes in.

The brainchild of Raven’s Taylor Pratt, GA Config assists with initial set up for single or multiple domains, Site Search tracking, 404 tracking and, perhaps most impressively, tracking KPIs and Goals, which is where most non-GA savvy people struggle.

Raven are offering this tool up for free, presumably with the aim of signing more people up to Raven Tools, and created it because, as Pratt explains in his blog post:

I dreamed up GA Config because I found there were two topics I constantly needed help with: Setting up my Google Analytics account and Setting up goals and KPIs. With the wrong code, you can miss important data that would have helped you make decisions for better conversions or sales online. That’s what makes GAConfig.com so valuable. It simplifies what can be very confusing for marketers who want useful data but don’t want to spend every day with their analytics.

So true. So how does GA Config work?

Right at the start all you need is your GA account number. Enter that into the GA Config, complete the following fields and grab your code. Install that where instructed and you’re done. The set up of the likes of KPIs, goals and Facebook tracking are a little more involved but far easier than trying to do it in GA itself.

Take a look at this example, where we set up a contact form (from the Event Tracking section):

Raven GA Config Contact Form Set Up

It really is as simple as that. Fill in a few fields, grab the code, install it where instructed and then follow the easy steps for when you do have to go into GA. It’s the same for any other kind of event or goal tracking you want to do, and there are many options.

Once you’re set up you will have to teach yourself how to get around GA and find the data you’ve just started tracking, but that’s a lesson any webmaster, SEO or marketer should take anyway.

Considering this is a free tool it really is comprehensive and should be in the armoury of everyone involved in tracking website traffic, even experienced and knowledgable SEOs, even if they use it as ‘just’ a time saver.

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  • RavenCourtney

    Thanks for taking the time to write about our new tool! So glad you’re finding it useful.

    • http://inoperanteonline.com Inoperante

      You’re welcome, it’s going to get a LOT of use here. :)

  • http://twitter.com/RavenCourts Courtney Seiter

    Thanks for taking the time to write about our new tool! So glad you're finding it useful.

    • http://inoperanteonline.com Inoperante

      You're welcome, it's going to get a LOT of use here. :)

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    What happen to site? I can’t see any text on each comment, I can see only if I highlighted it. congratulation to their new tool!

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