Pure O2 Case Study

Fluid Creativity SEO Consultant Kay Dinsdale said “The search engines needed a little help to easily recognize the website’s relevance for a number of search terms. The SEO Strategy for Pure02 included a number of onsite changes as well as implementing off site SEO and within just 6 weeks we saw improvement in Google ranks as well as a heavy increase in traffic.

  • Unique visitors increased by 18%
  • Hits increased by 48%
  • PPC spend reduced by 17%

Ranking improvements

Keyword Google Rank at start of campaign (UK Search) Google Rank achieved within first 6 weeks (UK Search)
Oxygen Products UK Not in first 3 pages 1 (also on Google web)
Ogo Water 8 (Google Web) 2 (Google Web)
Obox Not in first 3 pages 2 (Google Web)
Oxygen Products Not in first 3 pages 4
Oxygen Bars Not in first 3 pages 10

Kay continued “We are delighted with the Pure02 results. When ethical SEO techniques are applied, you see a gradual improvement so this is just the start. We are continuing to see an increase of unique visitors this month by a further 33%. And the effects will be long lasting.”

Fluid Creativity gives the following SEOadvice to webmasters:

Don’t expect to see great results straight away for all the terms related to your site. The key to SEO is in the keywords that you target and you should build up the list and monitor where you are ranking regularly. If your site is young and you target very competitive terms, you won’t see results for a long time and if your technique is too aggressive you run the risk of being ‘sandboxed’. Consider the lesser competitive keyterms that also get searched on and optimize your site for those. Reserve your efforts for bigger fish when you are more established and in a much stronger position.

Be sure to apply all elements of SEO rather than just relying on one activity, such as link building. Make sure your site clearly tells the search engines what it is about, use good anchor text and a cross linking structure within the site, make use of a sitemap for larger sites. Make good use of title tags and page headers. Always have good quality well written and keyword rich content throughout your site and don’t forget the little things like alt tags and even image and page filenames.

Any SEOcompany can increase your traffic but are you seeing conversions? Fluid Creativity manage your SEO campaign and monitor the important data such as increased sales as well as the traffic and ranks. We continuously update the strategy and adapt according to how the search engines are treating your site.

Fluid Creativity stresses that a number of factors determine the success rate of a website in organic search and every website is approached differently.

If you would like to discuss SEO possibilities with Fluid Creativity, please contact 0161 368 9814

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