Our Top 12 Twitter tools and applications.

There are hundreds of great tools that do hundreds of great things on Twitter. I wanted to share Fluids Top 10 with you. If you are a regular Twitter user some of these won’t be new to you but if you’ve just started with Twitter and trying to get your head around it these will hopefully help you get to grips with it faster.

Twitter Search
I recommend Twitter search to everyone, I think it’s great. I use the advanced search tool to key in target key words within a number of miles of Manchester. Its great for getting specific localised news and finding new followers based on their tweets.

We Follow

We Follow is a Twitter directory, you tag yourself with any key words you think sums you up and find people within an industry or interest. You can also find people within your area too. If your new to Twitter and looking for interesting people to follow this is one of the best tools.

Friend or Follow

It’s a great tool to find out if who you are following are following you back. It can be quite hard not to get offended with some of them though. It’s also a great way to look at who your not following back as you might have missed some right gems.  It’s always nice to see who your mutual friends are too.

Sometimes 140 character just isn’t enough if you have more to say use Bigwitt to write your message, post and a link will send you back to this page. The guys at Fluid like Bigtwitt because like Twitter its nice and simple and doesn’t over complicate it.

If your not using Bit.ly to shorten your links then why? Not only will Bit.ly shorten your links it will track them providing great statistics with number of clicks on your links. Shortening your links makes it so much easier to share more on Twitter! Twitter clients like TweetDeck work with Bit.ly to shorten your links automatically.

TwitPic / TwitVid
Again another simple tool that allows you to put pictures up and post pictures to Twitter. It brilliant for uploading pics for your phone. TwitVid is the same for video.

Twitter Counter

Twitter counter is fantastic for looking at your Twitter statistics, it will even send you a weekly email with an update on your Twitter account and a projection for the coming week.

A really cute little app for Twitter that allows you to record a message and post to your Followers.

Tweet Reach
As I am sure you have realised by now I love my Twitter stats and this tool has to be my favourite. If you get your Tweet retweeted a number of times its always really interesting to see how many people it reached. Granted not everyone is online looking at that exact moment in time but its still a great way to see how many people 1 tweet has the potential to reach.

I could write a whole blog post on Twitter Clients as there is so many to choose from. I favour TweetDeck as my Twitter client as I manage multiple Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts and find it works best for me. Other staff at Fluid use Tweetie, Twhirl, and Echofon. Choosing the right Twitter client for you is really down to personal preference and what your usage is like. Maybe try a few and let me know which ones are your favourites.

And finally I just wanted to share with you 2 tools I do not use but have people ask me all the time “how do I send personalised auto direct messages” and “how can I send schedule tweets when I am out of the office or on holiday”.

Twitter DMer
The general consensus on auto DM’s is don’t do it. It’s inpersonal and annoying and people will unfollow you as a result of it. Twitter DMer personalises custom direct messages still in my opinion for the sake of 2mins just send someone a personal message.

This is another application I think could be very useful but one I don’t use. I would rather tell my followers “I am going away” or “have a great weekend” so they know what that I am going to be offline rather than put out scheduled tweets, it defeats the point of using Twitter. I understand why someone would use this app and I have heard it’s very good so just wanted to highlight it.

Every Tool we recommend is so easy to use, they’re free and will only take you a few minuets to set up or link to your Twitter account. I would love to hear what you think of my favourtite Twitter tools and which ones you would recommend.

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