The new Fluid Creativity website: our Online Marketing team’s experience [in GIFs]

We’ve been taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the process of building our new website over the past couple of weeks. For this post, we’ve decided to drop in on our online marketing team and gain a (fortunately fictional) insight into their work on our brand new site.

You can see the real fruits of our labour (which was considerably less stressful than this post suggests!) on February 14th, when we unleash our new site onto the world!

Go on, have a giggle on us…

All online marketing begins with an important kick-off meeting, where grand plans are devised and many notes are taken…


The team are then assigned their work for the project, which – upon realising how much work there is to do – results in scenes like this…


Unfortunately, there is no way out. So, they get on to some keyword research, and other important SEO stuff.


Then, the copywriting team start working on writing the best damn copy EVER!

With the first draft of the copy written, feedback starts pouring in from all angles of Fluid Creativity HQ.



And so, the copywriting team returns to their desks, have a 20 minute nap brainstorming session, and get back to work. Alas, the copy is completed and resubmitted. Then, head feedbackee Chris K says something that flips the switch in our copywriters’ poor, overworked heads…

“I know we already gave you a lot of feedback, but we’ve had another look through and we think it could do with a few more changes…”


More changes are made. And then…

“Yeah guys, the copy is great. Let’s upload it to the new site and see how it looks!”

“Actually, could you just…”


The online marketing team have an emergency meeting. The main point of discussion? “We could just murder them all…”


After deciding that none of them can really afford to go to jail, the team begin auditing the new Fluid Creativity website. Upon receiving the site from our talented developers, a few carefully implemented redirects and technical changes are made. Hang on, what’s this? “504 Gateway Timeout”…


After an age spent unbreaking the broken site, the site is fully optimised and ready to skyrocket up the rankings. The site is finished!


Even more importantly, harmony is restored in the office as everyone reflects on a job well done. Hooray!

One week later…

“Erm…yeah, guys, great work on the SEO and stuff. But it’s been a week, and we’re not number 1 yet…”

GIFs courtesy of Thank you to Chris Dyson and for providing the inspiration for this post too!

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