Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Fluid Creativity


Well, that’s that, then. Another year at Fluid Creativity towers done and dusted. We’re off for our Christmas break, and won’t be back until Thursday 2nd January 2014 (we will still be offering support for all of the sites we host though – check out this page for more information).

As this is the last blog post of the year, tradition dictates that I either use it to reflect on the year that was or to make some baseless predictions about what might happen next year. Seeing as I denounced my faith in soothsayers and mystics after the death of Paul the Psychic Octopus (the only real psychic), I’ve decided to opt for the former.

So, join me as I rip a hole in the fabric of space and time (read: go back a few pages on our blog) and reflect on the best of the Fluid Creativity blog – or Fluid Thinking, as we have rebranded it – in 2013.

‘How Will Author Rank Affect SEO Agencies?’ – January 2013

The SEO industry kicked off 2013 in the same way it kicked off 2012, and 2011 too – desperately trying to second guess Google’s next move, and praying it didn’t involve animals.

Author Rank was widely predicted to be the biggest change to Google’s algorithm in 2013 and in January, I decided to take a look at it from the perspective of an SEO agency.

Like the Mayan apocalypse and a reason for the continued existence of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, however, Author Rank failed to materialise this year. Still, there’s always next year…

‘Screaming Frog and its Uses’ – February 2013

Our head of SEO Mithul Mistry took some time out from hardcore technical SEO to teach us all about Screaming Frog in February. Whether you’ve never used Screaming Frog before or consider yourself an expert in the tool, this post is essential.

‘3 things the Harlem Shake taught me about viral marketing’ – March 2013

When society looks back on 2013 many years from now, what will they focus on? The Russian meteor strike? The birth of a child into unspeakable privilege?

No, and no. They’ll look upon two or so weeks in March when society donned costumes, stood still for a few seconds and then erupted into a manic dance to a terrible song.

For better or worse (definitely worse), the Harlem Shake happened and spawned thousands of videos that we’re probably all a bit embarrassed about. We didn’t make our own version at Fluid; instead, Victoria Browne dug out a figurative scalpel, cut into the heart of the craze and pulled out some important marketing lessons for us all. At least some good came out of it.

‘Tesco Loves Copywriters – You Should Too’ – April 2013


2013 was the year that the Great British public warmly welcomed horsemeat into their hearts, minds and stomachs – albeit inadvertently. And only if you define ‘warmly welcomed’ as collectively holding back a torrent of vomit.

Nevertheless, we’ve probably all ingested a bit of Seabiscuit this year thanks to Tesco, Burger King, Aldi and countless others. They were all very sorry about it and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Victoria Browne looked upon Tesco’s print ad apology and saw the work of great copywriters. Then, in a groundbreaking move, she instigated Fluid’s first move into the art and wrote a poem about the whole sorry scenario.

‘A Tribute To Sir Alex Ferguson’ – May 2013

The incessant tapping of watch-glass (coupled with an aggressive glare towards appointed officials) came to a sad end this May, as Sir Alex ‘Fergie’ Ferguson announced his retirement as Manchester United manager.

Being a Manchester agency (and despite the split footballing allegiances in the office), we saw fit to knock up a tribute to everyone’s favourite/least-favourite mardy Scot’s time at the helm of the Red Devils.

Based on current results, you can expect our David Moyes timeline in about two weeks time.

‘Penguin 2.0: The Slappening’ – May 2013


Google’s long-awaited Penguin 2.0 update finally landed in May 2013 and…erm, didn’t really seem to do that much. In terms of impact, Penguin 2.0 paled in comparison to its previous iteration, although it did provide me with an excellent opportunity to use a still from one of my favourite films, ‘The Wrong Trousers’. And look, I got to use it again – Christmas has come early!

‘What We Learnt From SAScon: Day One and Two’ – June 2013

The SEO team got a rare chance to leave the office in June to experience an unusually (and unsettlingly) hot Manchester and visit SAScon, the two day search, social and digital marketing bonanza held at Manchester Metropolitan University. Myself and Victoria posted our experiences of day one and day two respectively.

‘Why We Should Be Using Google+’ – July 2013


2013 was supposed to be the year Google+ finally become more than ‘just another social network’ and knocked Facebook off its perch. Alas, it wasn’t to be and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in your social circle who actually uses it on a regular basis despite Google’s rampant attempts at trying to force it down users’ throats (unless you work in online marketing).

Still, that didn’t stop our Victoria from making an impassioned plea on behalf of G+; maybe 2014 will be the year we swap ‘likes’ for ‘+1s’ once and for all…

‘Why Buying Fake Followers Is The Worst Idea Ever’ – August 2013

August saw us descend into a spot of hyperbole and deliver our verdict on the practice of buying fake followers on social media. The post was written in the wake of a Channel 4 documentary which lifted the lid on the practices of less scrupulous social media agencies (and big brands, too). The documentary also included the world-shattering revelation that celebrities will sometimes perform actions in exchange for free stuff. Who knew?

‘Dead Again: Is 100% Not Provided The End of SEO as We Know It?’ – September 2013

The biggest shock in the online marketing world this year didn’t come in the form of an algorithm update. Instead, it arrived in the form of Google announcing they were extending secure search to all users, meaning that SEOs were to be deprived of invaluable keyword data. Forever.

It wasn’t the end of SEO though. Not by a long shot.

‘Social Media Policy’ – October 2013

As you’ve no doubt witnessed in the endless stream of ‘2013’s biggest social media fail’ posts coursing through the internet as we speak, brands large and small are still making a bit of a hash (pun originally not intended, but now I quite like it, so intended) of social media.

Our marketing assistant Sian Clifford took a look at social media policies for brands, considering what and what not to include to avoid disaster and succeed in the cutthroat world of Facebook, Twitter and Bebo (tee-hee).

‘User Engagement Strategies That Just Piss People Off’ – November 2013

AKA the one that got us into a light-hearted (we think…) argument about small knitted hats with Innocent Drinks on Twitter. If you’re ‘doing’ social media or content marketing, these are the tricks and gimmicks you want to avoid, lest you draw our ire in the future.

‘The Top Christmas Adverts’ – December 2013

Sian Clifford casts her eye over this year’s festive advertising offerings and picks her favourites, while shamefully omitting ‘Oak Furniture Land’s solemn adverts on the plights of old people at Christmas. If you’re still not feeling festive, have a watch of some of the ads in this post – there’s still time to buy some of the stuff they’re flogging too!

That was the year that was, in blog post format. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing over the past year. A big thank you to our clients too, who we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Fluid Creativity!

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