Meet the new and improved Digital Marketing team!

Earlier this week, Fluid’s search team were let loose on the TransPennine railway. Our mission? To make it to We Are AD’s Glasgow headquarters in one piece…

It was all going well until total signal failure meant we were unceremoniously dumped at a station thirty minutes outside of Glasgow. But we were soon rescued and eventually delivered bleary eyed (and very confused by the strong ‘Weegie’ accent of our taxi driver) to the AD office, where we were united with our new digital-marketing family members and welcomed with open arms into the AD fold. It wasn’t just a social visit though, we had some important work to do.

Now that the Glasgow and Manchester teams have joined forces, we needed to plan our new and improved digital strategy to make sure that the entire team were getting a chance to channel their unique skill-sets into both team’s client campaigns. Armed with our laptops and coffees all round (it had been a very early start), we headed to Board Room 1 and spent a productive afternoon getting to know one another and polishing up our plans for the future of the Digital Marketing team. The future was looking bright (literally- the weather in Glasgow was surprisingly sunny!)

Of course it wouldn’t be like AD not to take us out for a night on the town and show us the sights of Glasgow so we were joined by more of the team for dinner, drinks and lots of laughs after a very productive day.

We’re still the same old search team, but now we’ve joined forces with AD we’re bigger and better than ever! From SEO to PPC, copywriting to strategising, the new and improved team perfectly complement one another and going forwards we’re excited to be able to offer our fabulous clients a more comprehensive service. Now with the additional expertise of Cat Leaver (Head of Strategy), Andrew Allfrey (Search and Insights Strategist) and Carly Welsh (Digital Marketing Assistant).

We Are AD

If you’ve any questions about how you can improve on your current digital marketing strategy, or want to enquire about starting a campaign, give our commercial director David Johnstone a call or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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  • Cat Leaver

    Loved having you here guys, it’s quieter without you 😉 See you next week!

  • Scott Dylan

    Love this! :)