Manchester 10k – What Have I let Myself in For?

Fluid Creativity are proud to be running this year’s Manchester 10k on behalf of children’s cancer charity, KidsCan.  We’d be love it if you could donate whatever you can to our just giving page then read on to find out why I’m likely to finish the race in the back of an ambulance.


It’s a bit like alcoholics anonymous, this:  my name’s James, I’m 27 and I quite like eating stuff like this, this and more than occasionally enjoy the odd snack from here (disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with this fine establishment, it just does amazingly tasty food – however if they wish to give me a free meal or two in return for this plug I’d happily accept).  I also inhale more tea and coffee than is perhaps medically reasonable.  That’s precisely how we roll at Fluid Creativity.  I’m therefore still scratching my head as to how I got roped into agreeing to take part in the Manchester 10k.

I’m not alone in my endeavours as the colleagues who I will be forcing to eat my dust include Jeff (one of our fine code monkeys), Michelle (our newly appointed digital tactician), Julie (our salesist and resident runner)  Lee (our glorious leader and fitness nut), Scott (top designer and motion graphicsist) and last but not least our ‘in house’ personal trainer, Richard.

My diet is something of a running (ha ha) joke in the office so after much cajoling and peer pressure I crumbled and signed up.  First and foremost it’s because we’re running for a wonderfully worthy charity, and secondly if old burger boy here puts in a better time than Lee it’d make my year.  It’s with all this in mind that I went about planning my training regime.  I’ve even gone as so far as buying some running shoes, joining a gym and not eating chips for lunch on Friday.  Those that know me will tell you what a heroic feat that is.  I started training 2 weeks ago with my first venture out running resulting in a horribly undignified sweaty mess after 40 minutes of what passes for jogging.

I clearly have a lot of work to do.  Anyway, not wishing to turn our smashing little blog into a pompous self improvement website I thought I’d try and cajole my workmates into posting regular updates here as to how we’re  getting on.  Don’t forget why we’re doing this and we’d appreciate it more than you know if you could sponsor our suffering.

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