MANC v FOOD: We were worthy competitors, but we were up against professionals…

Last night Fluid Creativity took on a challenge that was so epic, we very nearly had to take today off.

But we were told that gorging ourselves stupid on hot dogs didn’t count as ‘genuine sickness’ so here we are, slightly heavier, slightly more afraid of meat and already planning our next eating challenge.

As you may know, we decided to combine two of our greatest passions – serious food and helping a very worthy Manchester charity – and entered ourselves into the Dogs ‘n’ Dough hot dog eating challenge.

With 30% of proceeds going to Forever Manchester and an army of bottomless pits in the office, we thought “what’s the worst that could happen?” Unfortunately the worst did happen, rendering team ‘Sausage Fest’ legendary for all the wrong reasons.

The rules were simple. 25 sausages, 10 minutes and a chance at eternal glory (and 200 quid for the winner). Let the slightly nauseating replay begin…

Fluid Creativity team photo

Team Sausage Fest. So innocent. So Naive. Our head of online marketing watches over with eyes a-glow.


The fear starts to sink in as the hot dogs are wheeled out. A grown man struggles to hold the tray. Ben eyes up the sick bucket.

As two of our original competitors dropped out due to sheer terror, we recruited two noble stand-ins, Ben ‘bread makes me bloat’ Ely and ‘Gorge-ina’ Rayner. Here they are, clearly not regretting their decision.

We take no responsibility for any long-term damage they may experience.

The hot dogs come in



Some cheek-bulging profiles there. While our team enjoyed some prime bratwurst smothered with Heinz, the team next to us had a strategy of dunking their buns in water to mitigate chewing. We took a classier approach, naturally.

Another team also turned up in matching outfits and a man wearing a string vest and a pink tutu kept wandering around the joint. This, my friends, was what we had to compete with. Manchester’s full time scoffers, scoffers so hardened that they invest in team outfits.

As a result, Sausage Fest struggled in at last place.

Score board


The true winner of the night was clearly Mr Lee Turner however, who after eating a steak and ale pie, went to on to eat two hot dogs at Dogs n Dough.

So well done team Fluid, worthy contenders but unable to compete with Mancunians who clearly don’t need to chew.

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  • Inoperante

    Can’t help thinking myself and a certain James Chapman were sorely missed…