Launching a New Brand

An integral part of any new business launch is marketing your product or service to the right target audience. Marketing, as well as attracting new customers to your business can also help to spread the word about your new startup, attracting attention from new suppliers, new investors and new business partners.

The quality and the reach of your initial marketing campaigns can often mean the difference between a comfortable first year and a difficult twelve months. Businesses which invest too little in marketing or fail to target the correct market can face an uphill struggle trying to attract the right interest in their product and persuade potential customers that they are a reputable, new company that will be serve their needs best.

On the other hand, businesses that set aside an appropriate marketing budget early on are much more likely to build a customer base quickly and develop a trustworthy brand which can help them to retain customers long after their first, tentative, purchase.

Becoming perceived as a trustworthy and reliable business is now more important then ever due to today’s entrepreneurial environment in which several similar businesses can launch at the same time in the same geographical area; Building a quality brand for your business is a good way of doing this in the early stages of your burgeoning business.

Twenty years ago it was only the international companies such as Nike, Coca Cola and McDonalds that could afford (and had the foresight) to develop their brand alongside their business. Nowadays brand building is a fairly inexpensive and invaluable addition to the marketing campaigns of most small businesses; afterall, what SME doesn’t want the recognition that the ‘Swoosh’ or ‘Golden Arches’ conjures up?

Fluid Creativity offers small businesses a brand identity design service alongside its award winning web design and development services, such as our work for design clothing specialists Brand Neusense;

Through a series of consultations, Fluid Creativity will attempt to understand your business and the mindset of your target audience. We will then create corporate identity for your business that can be applied to any marketing literature that you produce. Products such as business cards, letterheads, flyers and more can all be branded with your unique and instantly recognizable corporate identity.

Contact us online or give us a call on 0161 368 9814 to discuss developing a brand identity for your mall business.

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  • Scott

    Best practice is not to use reverse type, particularly on the web – too hard to read = lose your audience.. Lots of studies to back this up.

  • Michel Fewes

    Absolutely , The marketing is one of the best ways for increase business and sales new products.The marketing also best to attract new customers , investor and business partners.

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