Just Call Us Midas… Success for Poetic Republic

We’ve come down all bashful this week after a special thank you has us all puffed up and proud!

We’re the first to admit we love basking in the glory that our, some would say creative genius, has helped to create. Give us an award, we’re as happy as a pig in muck, show us a client’s storming success, well it brings tears to our eyes, send us some thank you chocolates and frankly it makes our year. Oh and we like cupcake gifts too…

Ah, working with the cream of the crop, doing biz with the bee’s knees, and rolling with, well the high rollers, ‘tis a tough job but someone has to be good enough to do it (that’s us by the way).

This week there was an unmistakable crackle of excitement in the air at Fluid HQ, not just because it’s the last week before Christmas (you cynic) , but because Poetic Republic, recipients of our digital prowess, have reached the dizzying heights of the number three spot on Kindle’s poetry bestsellers. Wowzaa indeed.
Poetic Republic eBook

Poetic Republic is an online poetry competition where poets enter a single poem or portfolio and are then peer reviewed with an intelligent system drawing the winner after numerous rounds of voting. The  ebook ‘Poems to Talk About’ (did we mention it reached number three?) is a first-of-its-kind collection of the winning poems.  And who created that divine cover you ask? That, Sir, was our very own design team.

Poetic Republic eBook on Kindle

Fluid have even been given a special acknowledgement in the book as a thank you for all our hard work. Sharing is caring people.

Poetic Republic came to Fluid many moons ago (actual time 2009) requiring the full spectrum of our web development expertise. We were required to devise a long feature list, including voting, a payment system and social networking to attract the social traffic vital to such a site.

A comprehensive content management system was created to work behind all those juicy on-site nuggets and a bespoke website design was crafted to mirror the values of Poetic Republic’s target audience. Out and proud poetry was the concept, with the poems taking centre stage instead of battling with the design for coverage.

Our online marketing team then set about working their magic and helped Poetic Republic smash their goal of attracting 200 applicants a year and instead attracted over 300 global applications. With Fluid completing the annual updates and fleshing the bones of an initial idea, Poetic Republic was left with a competitive digital, social and print marketing presence.

Impressive? Us? Oh well… if you insist.

We’d only just stopped jumping for joy when news of Poetic Republic’s success hit after another of our clients, Senitor IT Recruitment won their category, Best National Recruitment Agency at the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA). Fluid developed and designed Senitor’s user friendly, and rather snazzy website, if we do say so ourselves, and since the hints in the title ‘online’ we thought we deserved a pat on the back.

All this success, it’s almost enough to make us start coming to work in suits and briefcases. Almost.

We’re thrilled for them and will very much enjoy sharing their success, like a friendly parasite. But in a nice way you understand.

If you would like Midas, I mean Fluid, to win you a shiny award and raise the profile of your business get in touch with our team.

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