It’s a Christmas Blog!

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Although we’re still in November I can’t help but get all excited and look at all the best Christmas decorated towns and write a blog about them.

If you have ever attended a Christmas Market from across the country it’s amazing how you can walk around and forget that you’re in Manchester or Birmingham or London. It’s as if you’re in a Christmas forest surrounded by woodland animals and eating bratwurst sausages.

It’s all in the design

The markets create this lovely vibe and bring everyone together from all over the world to experience the different cultures. The design and planning of the markets takes weeks/months to create.

Most markets across the UK have a German theme which gives off the stereotypical Christmas vibe to make everyone feel homely. The bulb lights that are used around the shacks tip off the Santa’s Grotto theme, and when you enter you instantly feel like you could be in Lapland with the smell of mulled wine and the wreaths hanging off the walls.

It’s all in the design to make everyone feel relaxed, and along with the smells and sounds of Christmas, your city will be taken to a whole new dimension.


The Markets are a great place to be to get the best photographs, it seems like no matter how you take the photo you’ll always get a great shot. The twinkling stars and quirky Christmas stalls create a great back-drop.

For the best photo you should go at night when the stalls come alive with people huddling round in their winter outfits and bands playing old fashioned Christmas Songs.

Social Media

If the Christmas Markets were an agency they’d be at the top of the league tables for social engagement. Near enough every person that visits the markets seem to write a tweet or take a photo.

The best hashtag I’ve seen so far for the Christmas markets is #bratwurst, it seems like everyone’s favourite food seems to be the German sausage itself.


Every year you’ll see someone in those funny animal hat/scarf things and they can get away with it because it’s Christmas. Them hat/scarf things are from the markets and they’re one of the many great things that you can buy.

  • Nutcrackers

Everyone knows the tale of the Nutcracker and there’s a stall dedicated to just that tale. Surrounded by ginormous to miniature models everyone seems to crowd around the shack full of the items.

  • Fudge

Foreign fudge seems to taste completely different to British and they come in all different flavours. Last weekend I saw Christmas spice fudge and it smelt absolutely amazing.

  • Bags

There’s a mixture of all types of bags available and no matter where you walk there’ll be a stall. No matter what bag-type person you are there will be one for you.

  • Painting

Without a doubt every year we’re telling my artistic nan to set up her own stall at the markets selling paintings. The paintings are of foreign towns, Christmas settings, landmarks, portraits… basically you name it. Name plaques are a big one, I still have mine from years ago hanging on my bedroom door.

Get yourself down

I highly recommend that you all get your bums down to your nearest market, no matter which one you attend you’ll instantly be in Christmas spirits, even if it is just a tad early!

There are all types of different stalls to suit everyone, I couldn’t fit all of them as there are so many, but listing my favourite aspects should hopefully convince you.

Fancy a competition?

There’s two days left of our Cover Photo Competition where you could win a Mountain Pine Christmas tree!

Please send all cover photo’s to [email protected] and for more information take a look at our past blog

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