Investors In People

We’re very proud to announce that Fluid Creativity are now the proud owners of the Investors In People Bronze Award . We have been working extremely hard since our birth and we have consequently seen a growth in clients, staff and awards based on our innovative digital projects. Our staff are talented as well as being fully involved in projects and planning, and so for this we wanted to be recognised through IIP.

Investors In People assesses a business’s performance through people and specifies certain criteria to meet in order to assess staff and how they contribute to the company. As well as an assessment they also help to improve business performance.

Investors In People help to support your improvement in the following areas:

  • financial performance
  • profitability
  • motivation and employee engagement
  • productivity
  • ideas and innovation
  • quality
  • loyalty and advocacy

The way this is assessed is by simple interviews with managers and staff in order to gain an insight into the company and find out what criteria can be ticked off.

Plan, Do, Review

Overall there are 196 criteria to meet covering ‘Plan, Do, Review’ in which they use this assessment to cover as much criteria as the company can. Fluid Creativity were heading for the Bronze award meaning we would have to cover 56 of the criteria, 26 extra than standard.

By using ‘Plan, Do, Review’ a business can see which areas they are strongest and which they are weakest in. Some of the extra criteria we focused on were:

  • Key performance indicators are used to improve performance.
  • Learning and development is innovative and flexible.
  • A diverse, talented workforce is created.
  • Managers are helped to acquire leadership and management capabilities.
  • There is a culture of openness and trust.
  • Success is celebrated.
  • People are committed to success.
  • Innovative and flexible approaches to learning and development are used.


During the process employees were able to talk 1-2-1 with the assessor explaining their job role and how they contribute to the company. Employees felt involved in the whole process and were able to give their opinion on how the company works.

Investors In People made our employees feel comfortable with the way they were assessed and the assessor also provided enough information for employees to understand why they were giving certain information and how it will benefit them.

At the end of the process of assessments and reviews the assessor writes up a document covering the strengths, weaknesses and the award given to the business. We found that we have exceptional staff that create high quality work in order to suit our clients’ needs.

Looking Into the Future

We would like to thank Investors In People for their help and for granting us the Bronze award, we would also like to give ourselves a pat on the back for being such fantastic employees and of course, a big thanks to our Managers and Directors.

This is just the start for Fluid and we will be progressing to Silver in the coming years. We’re very proud of ourselves for achieving this and feel it has made a fantastic impact on the business and ourselves.

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