Improving Your Image Via Flyer and Leaflet Design

No matter what your business is, no attention means no sales, and you can only operate so long without drawing an income.

It has been said that the single most difficult task that a new business owner has is publicity – making people aware of your products or services – and developing a reputation. Since the two elements (publicity and reputation) operate hand in hand, generating one is likely to affect the other.

There are many ways to generate publicity and awareness, though not all of them are cost effective. One method of advertising that is both effective and relatively inexpensive is the distribution of flyers, coupons, and leaflets. This type of advertising is as old as time itself, and it is still as effective as ever.

Fluid Creativity design Flyers and Promotional Leaflet campaigns and have collected together the following tips to help deliver a remarkable flyer campaign.

Use an eye-catching design

A good flyer is a lot more than a page full of text and images; a good flyer is involving, drawing the attention of those passing by. It will implore someone to look at it, give it a read, and actively take in the information that it is presenting.

Think about the last time you walked through the town centre. How many flyers did you notice advertising concerts or plays? You may not pay attention to them, but that doesn’t mean that other people didn’t. The effectiveness of a flyer is determined by its ability to garner interest.

Clearly display the information required

Dates, names, numbers, phrases, etc. should all be displayed in a way that is memorable and easily recognised. The last thing that you want is someone walking away from your flyer because they were unable to get the information that they wanted out of it.

If you are having a 50% off sale, for example, you want that information to be displayed so that the person reading the flyer immediately knows about your sale, when it is taking place, and how to get to your place of business.

Be original

A lot of flyers aim for a contemporary look. Done right, this type of design will attract attention and hence interest in the message that it’s trying to deliver. Done incorrectly and many people will disregard the flier and ignore the message. Try to find the right design to suit your business.

If you need help or advice about your leaflet campaign, talk to Fluid Creativity today. We have years of print design experience and can help you create a flyer of leaflet for your business that will draw attention to your company and its products.

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