I got some free goodies from DMR Bikes

It all started just before Christmas when I came to lube up my DMR V8 pedals. The air was cold, my feet were wet, and my syringe of DMR grease was empty!

The message on the side of the syringe says in a bold red font ‘NOT FOR RE-SALE’ so I knew my chances of finding a replacement on eBay were going to be slim and I was right, not a single item anywhere in the world!

Anyhow, I looked on the DMR website to see if I could buy one from there but no luck, so I filled in the contact form and got a reply from a guy called Rich and he said that he had a spare syringe sitting on his desk and if I sent some treats to the ‘horrible lot in the DMR office’ (his words not mine!) he might be able to work some magic.

And so, I found some nic-nacs lying around on my desk and in my drawer and told him I had some treats for him, all with his name on them!

(Fox’s licorice and aniseed are the bomb!)

He liked the pictures of the treats, but Christmas was just around the corner, so I waited to see what other treats I might be able to send him. I forgot to take a picture but I remember there was a sort of tribal metal keyring thingy, a 2011 diary, some chocolates, a Rubix cube, and some other bits and bobs… but I also included a DVD of a short movies I made from Rich which I thought would give the horrible lot in the DMR office a bit of a giggle (..and also persuade Rich to send me some extra treats)!

It seemed to work because this morning I received a package, well a few packages actually, but besides the 661 Sub Gear and the Jo’s Trust Cervical Cancer fundraising pack for our Manchester to Blackpool bike ride I got a package from full of loads of DMR goodies, there was a DMR DVD (which I’m sure I’ll enjoy), 2 packs of DMR stickers and one huge sticker! A DMR keyring, 3 syringes (whoop!), and a Dirtyhabit pen where the woman strips when you turn the pen upside down, brilliant!

Thanks Rich, you really are a saint 😉

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    I’m uber jealous, especially of the pen lol. Gotta love DMR, great products, great company!

  • http://www.marzocchiforks.co.uk marzocchi suspension forks

    I'm uber jealous, especially of the pen lol. Gotta love DMR, great products, great company!