How to get around the loophole of inviting new users to Google+

If you’ve been lucky enough to get your mitts on a Google+ invite but are unsure how to get around the loophole of inviting new users, take a look at our simple instructions:

Firstly, you need to click the ‘circles’ tab at the top of your feed and create a new circle, I called mine ‘invites’ (not very original, I know).

Click on your new circle and add the people you want to invite to Google+ by clicking ‘add a new person’. Once you’ve entered their email address(es), click ‘view stream for this circle’. You’ll then need to post something on to your ‘wall’ (for want of a better word) to share with the people you’ve invited in order for them to join.

As you can see, I’ve written, ‘Hope this works!’ to share with the people I’ve invited. They will then receive an email to view my post and join Google+. Make sure you keep the ’email people not using Google+’ box checked. Job done!

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