How To Get Noticed On Facebook – The Secrets Revealed!

Have you ever noticed that in your Facebook news feed you consistently see updates and posts from a few people but rarely see a thing from other people? It turns out that Facebook, using an algorithm not dissimilar to Google (in other words it’s hugely secret and complex), decides for you who you want to see and who you don’t.

A month long experiment by Thomas E. Weber at The Daily Beast uncovered Facebook’s 10 biggest news feed secrets. While it is not absolutely scientific and by no means utterly conclusive, the research does indicate how best to go about getting noticed on Facebook.

This experiment deals with an individual and a personal Facebook acount but we think that the principles it reveals can be applied to Facebook Pages too, especially those of businesses, and should become part of your social media marketing campaigns to ensure your updates are appearing on your fans news feeds.


The key factor in determining your chances of appearing on news feeds is getting people to interact with your content. This is obviously something of a Catch 22 situation, as they can’t interact if they never see what your posting! This is where you can get your employees, friends and family to help you out. Asking them to frequently visit your Facebook Page, click on the links, photos and videos you post and to comment on your status updates or posted items will kick start your popularity (as well is spread your page to their friends and family!).

The research done by Mr Weber determined that Facebook rates some things as more important than others. Namely…

Comments > Videos & Photos > Links > Status Updates

Updating your Facebook Page’s status is ok, but not as good as posting links to your page, which is good, but posting photos and videos is even better, though having people comment on your updates, links, photos and videos is the best!

Why? Probably because Facebook needs people to stay on Facebook to make money, therefore it will give higher value to those things that keep people on the site and, in turn, higher ‘priority’ in news feeds to people who generate the most interaction.

The point is, your Facebook strategy should be geared towards interaction through the use of media best suited to it – photos and video. One of the best examples of this I’ve seen recently was by Fluid Creativity’s client American Soda. They offered a prize to the best video sent in by their fans of them literally singing the praises of the company!

The winning video was added to Facebook and has attracted almost 14,000 ‘Likes’ so far – THAT is interaction. The company regularly posts links, photos and videos that entice comment and ‘Likes’ and it is that strategy that has got them – and will get you – noticed on Facebook.

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