How to deal with Spam

The spammers face a never-ending battle against those who would like to protect us from the barrage of junk mail. Internet Service Providers are increasingly fighting the spam battle on the behalf of their users, adding spam filters and virus checkers so that much of the detritus email bound for your email inbox never makes it. It’s a sad fact though that the spammers are a motivated bunch and so certain items of junk mail will find their way into your inbox regardless of these high level filters.

Most new PC’s now come complete with virus checkers and rudimentary spam filters that act on the local machine, meaning that even if a spam email did get through the ISP’s checks you can be protected from it (and it’s contents) by a piece of software running in the background on your desktop.

These local spam filters and virus checkers can usually be updated every few weeks to protect you against a new wave of spam emails that could be hitting your screen; helping you to stay ontop of the war on spam.

For those more technically minded it is even possible to create your own spam filter using the advanced filters section of your desktop email software. Although a time consuming process it can also be very rewarding (if you are that way inclined i.e. a bit geeky!). Looking at the spam you receive you will often be able to see patterns in the text used or phrases which occur time and time again. Adding these into an advanced filter and setting the mail to be binned into your junk folder each time is an alternative, hands-on way of dealing with spam email.

One final point to make is that any spam emails should always be sent to your Junk folder rather than your Deleted Items / Trash folder. You may think there is no difference but you would wrong. Junk folders were specifically designed to be a holding place for spam email. By sending your spam email to this folder you (in certain cases) can be educating both your desktop spam checker software and your ISP (specifically for online email systems) as to what is Spam, and what isn’t. Continuing to send spam email to your Trash folder, although satisfying, is not helping you system automatically deal with the Spam you receive.

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