How Infographics Can Get Your Brand Heard

They say a picture says a thousand words, and aside from wondering why I have a job if that’s the case, it goes some way to explaining why users are more than happy to take a break from the constant stream of information the net throws at them. I’m sure everyone likes to think they long left behind an inherent attraction to anything colourful and image heavy when they stopped reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ but if the success of infographics are anything to go by, it looks like we’ll always be suckers for a pretty picture.

Infographics, put simply, tell a story through graphics and as much as you’ve probably seen them in weather forecasts from the sepia tinted dawn of TV, they’re now a rather popular way to relay information and promote a brand. Meaty content is all well and good but when a tidal wave of information needs to be conveyed, users appreciate something a little more visually stimulating. Like indigenous man told stories through cave paintings, we’re pretty much digging the concept on a digital scale.

Of course, text isn’t the best way to explain the merits of infographics, these examples do that for themselves…

6 reasons to visualize your data (infographic) by J6 design


Infographics have the power to make even the dullest of industries come to life and can showcase a concept in a much more interesting and digestible way than a hefty chunk of text ever could. In this above example usable design, engaging colour segmentation and punchy statistics get the message across in little more than a glance.

Infographics, such as this J6 Design creation (above), not only convey data efficiently but can additionally be utilised across a range of platforms. Infographics have become popular in blogs, email marketing campaigns and press releases for their easily understandable and shareable nature. Clearly even journalists get fed up of lengthy reports.

Some of the most engaging infographics are interactive clips created in Flash or HTML5 and this format fully ties into the whole story-telling nature of infographics. Interactive infographics are a great way to convey large amounts of data in less than two minutes and keep the viewer compelled from start to finish.

Infographics are great for the user and can work wonders for SEO. SEO’s usually aren’t big on images, but in the case of infographics they can quickly convert to links and shares through easily ‘clickable’ social media icons. The potential to go viral with a clever infographic is also a perfect opportunity to get your brand reaching the masses.

Effective aren’t they?

If you’d like to promote your brand through data visualization get in touch with our creative design team to discuss your bespoke infographic.

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