Google’s Vision For The future Is Unveiled With New ‘Google Glass’ Video

‘It’s surprisingly simple’ to be an ‘explorer’ says Google as they unveil the type of futuristic device we associate with the Simpson’s depiction of 2032.

In a move a few shades less prominent than the moon landing (but still pretty prominent) Google have revealed what wearers can expect from their innovative new ‘Google Glass’ through a suitably epic YouTube video.

If you haven’t yet had time to investigate the high-tech eyewear, the early stages of project glass are decidedly hush-hush with just enough information released to have potential testers foaming at the mouth. A perfect advertising balance of making no promises while still piquing interest, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The device has been likened to smartphones in its range of functions and hailed as the latest installment of ‘wearable’ technology – insanely exciting for some, a mugger’s paradise for the slightly more cynical.

The hotly anticipated video seamlessly demonstrates the features that wearers will be able to view and control before their very eyes in a hands-free, voice activated, constantly-connected-to-a-computer view of the future. (The future as in 2014 most likely)

The device has already been applied to ‘real-world’ living by Google co-founder Sergey Brin who clearly managed to navigate the New York subway without death by distraction whilst wearing Google Glass.

If the first reactions to the release of the video are anything to go buy, there will be people out there willing to sell their souls to try out the new kit. Luckily, Google have been more than obliging and have set up a campaign to find ‘creative individuals’ worthy to try the device and ‘shape the future’ before it goes on sale.

Through Google+ or Twitter, potential testers will be able to apply for their opportunity by starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass and including up to 50 words to explain why they should have the honour. Applications can also include up to 5 images and a short video (no more than 15 seconds).

Unfortunately applicants have to live in the US and ‘Glass Explorers’ will have to pre-order a Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 (plus tax) and attend a special ‘pick up’ experience in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Suddenly being Google’s guinea pig is looking expensive.

But there’s no denying Project Glass is pioneering and before the application deadline comes next Wednesday, expect to feel the full force of just how anticipated Google Glass really is.

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